Reservation & Cancellation Policy

As Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic provide cutting edge procedures, we encounter a lot of interest in our services. This however, can lead to unacceptable waiting list for appointments at our private clinic.

We have also experienced an increase in ‘Did-Not-Attend’ for appointments which have adverse knock-on effect of increasing waiting time for other benefiting patients.

In the interests of all patients, we have to be “strict” with our Reservation & Cancellation Policy. Our policy is as follows:

• All appointments require a credit card booing deposit, or payment in full, to confirm the reservation.

• Appointments may safely be cancelled up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment with no cancellation fee applied.

• If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours, or do not show up at all, the credit card used to guarantee the reservation will be charged the entire amount of the treatment.

Refund policy

We aspire to provide the highest standards of treatment and aftercare. We work with our patients on one to one basis prior, during and after any treatment to ensure patient satisfaction. We provide round the clock post treatment support to all our patients. In the unfortunate event that you are not happy with the outcome of your treatment we will endeavour to correct the treatment to meet your expectation by whatever means possible to us at clinic or at an external location at no extra cost to you. Unfortunately due to the high cost factor involved in aesthetic material used, no refund of monies can be given once the treatment had been ordered or administered. Our policy stated herewith meets the recommendation standard set by the Irish Medical Council and the Royal College of Surgeons of Irelands for private clinics.

Price Guide

Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic reserves the right to change, modify, stop any of these sales conditions such as Prices, Discounts, Incentives, Expiry etc. without any prior notice.

Complaint Policy

Procedure for Handling and Investigation of Complaints

All complaints will be dealt with quickly and effectively between the individuals concerned and any justified grievances will be promptly remedied. The aim of this procedure is to resolve complaints locally to a satisfactory conclusion wherever possible. Any complaints of unprofessional conduct against a doctor will be referred to the Irish Medical Council, General Medical Council. Complaints about nursing staff will be referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Patients should be aware that if they wish to register a complaint they should in the first instance address it in writing to:

Dr Hazem Kahlout
Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic
62 Maple Drive
Dublin 15

Procedure for Handling of Complaints:

• All complaints will be fully investigated by Dr Hazem Kahlout.
• All complainants will receive a written acknowledgement within 2 working days of the complaint being received.
• The complainant will receive a written response within 20 working days or a written explanation of why the response is taking longer and when they can expect a response. A full response being made within 5 working days of a conclusion being reached.
• All staff involved in a complaint will be informed of the outcome and any appropriate advice on preventing recurrence.
• On completion of a complaint a full written report will be made including any recommendations and actions by [Name of Person Nominated].
• Where a complainant is not satisfied at the conclusion of the complaint process they have several options depending upon the nature of the complaint:

a. Where a complaint may relate to be a breach of the Articles, Regulations or Policies of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine or where it refers to a matter concerning the conduct or performance of a member who has a legally prescribed connection to the College as their Designated Body, patients may raise their concerns directly with the College within 21 days of the conclusion of the local process (see below).
b. Where the complaint may relate to a breach of professional standards of conduct, clinical competence or fitness to practise, patients can raise their concerns with the appropriate professional regulator (Doctors – General Medical Council, Nurses – Nursing & Midwifery Council (see below)
c. Where the complaint relates to a breach of statutory regulations and the organisation is registered with the Care Quality Commission patients can contact the CQC (see below).
d. Patients retain the option of seeking legal advice relating to a complaint about the service provided by any healthcare provider.
Contact Details:


The Secretary,
The British College of Aesthetic Medicine
Shorne Village Surgery
Crown Lane
DA12 3DY

Tel: 01474 823900

The General Medical Council
350 Euston Road

Tel: 0161 923 6602


1. The British College of Aesthetic Medicine is not a professional regulator for its Members; it does however have the power to investigate concerns relating to the conduct or performance of some members with which it has a legally prescribed connection in relation to GMC relicensing and revalidation. The College will review all complaints which it receives and consider whether it relates to a matter which is within the College’s remit. If the College is unable to look at the complaint, the complainant may be referred to the appropriate regulator or agency.

2. The Care Quality Commission is the regulator for independent Healthcare. The Care Quality Commission has no statutory powers to investigate any complaints that patients or other members of the public make about independent healthcare services, nor do they have a regulatory role to manage, arbitrate or resolve their complaints, concerns or allegations. However, they will take account of all information that they receive from the public about registered independent providers, or about unregistered providers that they consider should be registered. They assess whether this ‘concerning information’ suggests that:
• An offence has been committed as set out in the Health & Social Care Act 2008
• A regulation has been breached as set out in the associated regulations, or
• The provider has contravened a condition of their registration with us, as set out in their registration certificate.
If they suspect that the provider has committed an offence under the Act or a breach under the regulations, they are required to take action to bring about improvement.

Staff will provide help to any patient or relative of a patient wishing to make a complaint.

Whistleblower Policy

The easiest way to raise a concern about a doctor is through the GMC’s online complaint form at form guides complainants through all the information we need to consider their concern. Whistleblowers can also report a doctor to us by writing to us at Fitness to Practise, General Medical Council, 3 Hardman Street, Manchester M3 3AW

Further information, including a useful example of a complaint by letter or email, can be found on our website at

Duty of Candour

‘Duty of Candour’. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic w e are is committed to supporting a culture of openness and honesty when things go wrong with patient care. As a healthcare provider registered with the IMC and GMC Castleknock Cosmetic Clininc has a statutory duty of candour, and is required to ensure openness and transparency in communication with patients and other relevant persons in respect of any ‘notifiable safety incident’ that might occur. Dr Kahlout is a clinician that is separately subject to a professional duty of candour, overseen by registering bodies including the GMC and IMC.