Chin Augmentation

Do you need a strong chin? If so, what area of the chin would you like enhanced? Is it the chin only or also the jawline? What “look” are you trying to achieve and do you desire a very prominent chin, chin augmentation or subtle chin enhancement? At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin we consider men to have a balanced chin, in keeping with either Frankfurt lines or ogee lines. These ratios measure between a line drawn vertically from the glabella “between the eyes” to the tip of the chin. Measurement is then compared to width of the brows. In me we desire a strong ratio. However, women can “get away” with or even more desired to have a smaller ogee ratio.

Chin & Jawline Contouring

Chin Augmentation with dermal fillers. Chin enhancement at Castleknock cosmetic clinic Dublin

Jawline sculpting and contouring is up and coming in popularity. Have you ever wondered what the secret is to stunning bone structure? Chin augmentation and jawline contouring complement each other when done at the same time. The aim to to bring strong balance to the lower face. Facial contouring can do amazing things for your appearance. It can make a person’s facial features look more balanced as well as improve facial outline. 

Individuals with round jawline, slight laxity of the jowls or receding chin can take advantage of jawline contouring. Ideal jawline angle for women is 110-120 degrees. For men, a more erect angle at 100-110 is ideal. Contouring dermal fillers are used for this procedure. There are a number of suitable dermal fillers to choose from for the chin augmentation procedure. These include Radiesse, Juvéderm Voluma and Restylane Lyft.

Chin Augmentation Blogs

Chin enhancement is a conceptual treatment that requires a high level of skill and experience to be performed adequately. Dr Kahlout shares his personal views and medical experience about this sensitive image and confidence enhancing treatment in a few clinic blogs. To find out more please click one of the links below:

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Chin Enhancement

A new filler from France, Perfecta

Men Getting Cosmetic Procedure

Chin Analyses

For those looking to enhance that selfie spoiling chin, we assess our patients at using a horizontal plane or line known as the Frankfort horizontal plane. The Frankfort Horizontal Line is found usually on a side profile photograph. A vertical line is drawn from just in front of the eyebrows to the chin.  In men seeking chin augmentation this line would ideally be as vertical as possible. For women, the chin can be slightly behind this line and still look feminine and proportionate.

Chin augmentation can give balance to an otherwise less defined face or further augment an already existent chin structure.

Chin Definition Fillers

There are a number of suitable dermal fillers to choose from for the chin augmentation procedure. At our Dublin based Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic we choose to use either long lasting hyaluronic acid fillers like Belotero Intense and the well-established, and trusted Radiesse. For longer lasting results Ellansé is used where it lasts for up to four years.  During the procedure, a topical numbing cream is applied to prevent pain during the procedure. The filler material is then injected into predetermined areas gradually sculpting the chin and bringing your new profile into light.


Radiesse provides natural definition by restoring a more youthful-looking appearance.

Provides immediate lift and definition by restoring lost volume in areas of the lower face
Replicates the body’s process of generating collagen
Can last up to a year or more in many patients


Ellanse is a fabulous dermal filler from France. It is most suitable for deep augmentation in people seeking long term chin enhancement. Ellansé is a unique dermal filler lasting up to 4 years. Ellansé dermal filler is injected in a similar manner to Radiesse with results being immediate and long lasting.

Hyaluronic acid

HA-based fillers like Juvéderm Voluma and Restylane Lyft are high G-Prime fillers. The have the ability to lift skin better than softer fillers. They are suitable alternatives for those who would rather shorter duration of correction, 8-10 months or consider reversible effect.

Chin Augmentation Procedure

The procedure is typically performed in about half an hour. You may experience two to three days of minor swelling and on rare occasions bruising may develop. The results typically last 8 months to a year depending on the type of HA filler used. If you choose Radiesse or Ellansé then we should expect a much longer duration.

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