Scarless Mini Face Lift

Mini Facelift

Have you ever looked in the mirror and lifted the skin on your face and neck and wished it would stay there? At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic, Dublin there is an innovative alternative to formal facelift surgery for those aged 40 to 55 years … a minimally invasive procedure that makes restoring youthful looks possible, and in less than an hour. The suture mini lift is performed under local numbing anaesthesia… The benefits of a one stitch facelift are that it is a relatively quick and simple procedure with minimal downtime, and it can provide a subtle improvement in the appearance of the face without the need for more invasive surgery. The minilift is aimed at those who are not “yet” candidates for a scarring surgical lift!

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There are many variant options to this procedure in Dublin. The one layer face lift procedure, thread facelift, serdev facelift and scarless facelift and the one stitch lift. The MiniLift is a minimally invasive face lift procedure ideal for the lower face and jowls. For suitable candidates, it is a great alternative to the traditional lifting surgery where large amount of facial skin is needed to be removed. Patients get back to their daily routine within a day or so, and in the main incredibly pleased with the results. The duration of correction benefit from this minimally invasive procedure is a refreshed new you for up to 2 years.

The results of the MiniLift are immediate. Incisions are made behind the hairline and the surgical sutures advanced along the previously marked vector of counter-gravity support.

The best candidates for the instant scar free mini lift include both women and men in their forties to their sixties who want more dramatic and longer lasting effect than fillers and muscle relaxing injections can give, but do not want to have a full scarring or downtiming full face lift operation.

The suitability of a one stitch facelift depends more on the extent and nature of the facial aging rather than age itself. Generally, the procedure is most suitable for individuals who have mild to moderate signs of aging, such as sagging skin and minor wrinkles, and who are looking for a subtle improvement in their appearance.

That being said, age can be a factor in determining if a one stitch facelift is suitable. While there is no specific age limit, the procedure is generally more effective for individuals in their 40s to 50s who have good skin elasticity and minimal sagging. Older patients with more advanced signs of aging may require more extensive surgical procedures to achieve the desired results.

Results are immediate in comparison to formal facelift surgery yet refreshingly rewarding. For suitable patients, a combination of the MiniLift together with the Softlift procedure complement each other for a more balanced face..

The MiniLift Procedure

The “one stitch facelift” is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that aims to lift and tighten the skin of the face using only one suture. The procedure involves making a small incision in the skin, usually around the temple or hairline, and using a special thread to lift and support the underlying facial tissues. The thread is then anchored to the deeper layers of the skin to maintain the lifted position.

The Dublin clinic performed scarless lift for the face uses dissolvable surgical sutures to lift and support sagging lower face structures like the jowls and jawline. Small anchor sutures are inserted in individually predetermined “vectors of lift”. These are inserted through small keyhole incisions hidden above the hair. Using special instruments, the dissolvable stitches are placed in the deep tissue plane, supporting the face without the need to cut the skin. Once inserted under the skin, they support and gently lift the skin into a more vertical and youthful position. We use small keyhole entry points high up in the hairline. These are only 2mm width. Through these tiny incisions we place a number of the sutures in the deeper layer of the skin. Sutures that lift and support the surrounding tissues. These sutures are made to react and gain strength over time. Surrounding tissue hold the sutures in place without the need for visible scars.

The results of the MiniLift are immediate. Incisions are made behind the hairline and the surgical sutures advanced along the previously marked vector of counter-gravity support. Placed stitches create firm hold on the underlying tissues with minimal trauma. Once in position, your body generates new collagen fibres that surround each suture maintaining the lifting effect for a long time to come.

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