Botox is no longer just for the middle aged..!

Newsletter March 2013

BTX is no longer just for the middle aged

Twenty-four-year-old Natalie Garcia started using Botox two years ago. Why would anyone that age turn to botulinum toxin? You may be surprised to learn that the famous muscle relaxing toxin can prevent future wrinkling.

20 something!

“I like having nice skin, it makes me feel confident, so why not? When my skin actually starts ageing, during my later years, I think it’ll be beneficial.” Natalie is not the only 20-something to use Botox. According to CBS Chicago, Dec. 4, 2012, they report on the growing trend of young people who get botulinum toxin injections to prevent wrinkles, not to erase them.

Men and women alike

This trend is not limited to women. Twenty-seven-year-old Blake Troiani started getting botulinum toxin injections this year. “Forehead lines were my biggest concern. I think they make me look older, a little more tired.” Since receiving his injections, he’s enjoyed compliments from family and friends that he looks rejuvenated and much younger.

The science behind Botox is simple

The neurotoxin works by blocking nerve signals to the facial muscles. If you start using botulinum toxin from a younger age, you’ll need injections less often. Taming fine lines early on will prevent future deep wrinkles from developing. Because the muscles can’t move anymore, those lines don’t get etched into the skin. Some people can go seven, eight, nine months without botulinum toxin because they just keep those muscles in check. People love their results.

Nowadays, the average cost of anti-wrinkle injection with botulinum toxin is €200 per area, with a maximum of €400 for the full face. To keep your forehead wrinkle free, most people need botulinum toxin injections every three to four months.

If you’re interested in having BTX injections, follow these rules to get the best results: have the injections in a reputable medical facility, make sure you are being injected with Irish Medicines Board licensed product and, most important, make sure your injector is registered doctor with the Irish Medical Council.

Fat harvesting & transfer

Body fat has been widely debated on an emotional, cultural, artistic, socio-economical and medical level. Fat harvesting and transfer from one body region to another is known as lipofilling. Ageing is responsible for subcutaneous fat tissue loss and skin elasticity. These defects or deficiencies typically result from the loss of a volume of fat tissue.


The lipofilling procedure is a well-known procedure in aesthetic medicine and its revival is due to recent technical innovation in fat cell survival and purification. Fat is invariably harvested from unwanted areas and put to good use where it’s needed.

No Sensitivity

The lipofilling procedure uses the patient’s own fat to address or treat other areas in their body. This eliminates the risk of a foreign body reaction. Some degree of fat is readily available in nearly all patients. The process carries minimal discomfort to the patient and the lipofilling procedure can easily be repeated if necessary.  Excess amounts of fat tissue are found all over the human body, and may be harvested through low pressure liposuction and transferred to a target location.

Harvest Areas

Fat can be harvested from the abdominal region, the inner part of the knees, the upper legs or buttocks. Most scientific data indicate that fat harvested from the saddle bags yields the most viable and potent cells. These cells are thought to be abundant in Stem Cells. Stem Cells isolated from fat tissue obtained by liposuction and are found to be capable to become different types of tissues.

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Dr Hazem Kahlout


After much thought, Sheila decided to come in for a consultation with me. When I assessed her presentation and reasons for attending to her appearance, she said she wants to look rested. She always looked tried although she’s not. She took good care of my skin. After consultation and through examination of her skin and muscles of expression I explained my treatment objective for her. She ended up having muscle relaxing injections in her forehead to lift her eyebrows.

Since my treatment I feel good about the way I look and have had many compliments on how clear my skin and people say I look well. I now feel I look possibly the best I can and this makes me feel different about a lot of things in my life.

Sheila M.

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