Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra Butt Lift

So, you are here to know more about the hottest topic in cosmetic surgery – the non-invasive Sculptra buttock augmentation, also known as the Sculptra Butt Lift. If you are not happy with your buttocks or hip dips and feel you want to enhance your silhouette into flowing curves, then you may be in the right place. In fact, you are one of the many people looking for this increasingly popular sculptra buttock augmentation procedure.

Science behind Sculptra Butt Lift

So, let’s explore a little more about this most requested procedure at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin, and find alternative options that could be available to you.

Sculptra is a biological stimulant. It promotes laying-down of collagen wherever its placed in the body. Deposits of newly formed natural collagen form around the Sculptra molecules. The newly laid collagen will in turn add long lasting volume to the treated area. Volume that help plumb-up, and contour the texture of the surrounding tissue. Sculptra is made from an FDA approved compound called poly-L-Lactic acid. PLLA in short. It was approved back in the early noughties as a dermal filler for facial aesthetics. Nearly two decades later, we (at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin like many innovative procedure developers worldwide) started to think outside the box. Because of our extensive experience using Sculptra, we found ourselves in a great position to understand and predict how this precious Poly-L-Lactic Acid complex behaves in the human body.

Sculptra butt lift

How Sculptra Buttock Augmentation Work

Sculptra contains Poly-L-Lactic-Acid (PLLA) molecules which stimulate collagen production. The compound directly influences volume increase in the buttocks through continued lay-down of collagen. A feature of Sculptra further enhanced when mixed with other physiological ingredients. A technique developed in close cooperation with various pillars of the aesthetic industry.

Sculptra Butt Lift

The sophisticated mix of ingredients with PLLA in powder vials, coupled with unique injection methods of the Sculptra rich mixture helps the medicine to produce maximum volume from as little active PLLA ingredient as possible. It’s an entirely different protocol from that used in facial aesthetics. For facial use, additives and concentrations of the Sculptra are substantially different.

Sculptra vs. Brazilian Butt Lift

There are other alternatives to Sculptra. They include Brazilian Butt Lift and Silicone implants. Both alternatives require surgery. We find that many patients prefer not to undergo surgery for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons to choose Sculptra Butt Lift is if you have a petite body weight. Many patients who want fuller butt profile are lean and fit. They don’t carry enough fat on them. This is due to their high level of activity and athletic trim. For successful Brazilian Butt Lift, we need large enough amount of fat harvested from other areas of the body. Amounts large enough to produce good results.

Fat harvesting and lipofilling requires you to carry enough fat in donor areas. Fat donor areas include the tummy, love handles or thighs. In order to collect and inject the buttock with fat, well certain amounts need to be present in the first place. We keep in mind that not all the fat transferred from one location to another survive. Post-operative success rate of lipofilling depends on many factors. These include the person’s health, and sleeping habits, and sitting position, and general posture and level of activity and metabolism.

Non-surgical buttock augmentation with sculptra

Hip Dips

Hips dips are the inward hollows alongside the buttocks area of your body, just below the hip bone. Some people call them violin hips. Instead of the outer edges of your hips gracefully flowing in a curvy silhouette, they depress inwards on the side of your hips. They are most visible when looking at the body shape from the front.

Hip dips may be only slight and hardly noticeable, or they could be quite obvious. Some consider them a normal part of your body configuration. Others, detest them!

Hip dips are caused by tethering of the skin over the deeper part of your long thigh bone. The head neck of the femur bone, called the trochanter. Hip dips can be more noticeable in some people than others. It’s because the amount and distribution of fat and muscle in your body structure is genetically set that way. Hips dips can be more or less obvious depending on the width of your pelvis and the shape of your hips as well as your natural distribution of body fat. They can be more noticeable when you wear certain types of clothing.

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Most Caucasian slim built patients require 2-4 treatment sessions to achieve their desired results.

What about Silicone Implants?

You may also consider the least favourable solution for enhanced butt. The dreaded butt silicone implants. Silicone implants are not natural. They have their own limitations and risk. Over time, silicone implants can become visible and one can feel their artificial contour. You will be able to see and feel them if you don’t have much gluteal fat. Buttock silicone implants are not popular and poorly embraced by patients. The main concern is that fixed-shape implants cannot contour to the individual shape. It may also be the case that you don’t want the downtime associated with silicone implant procedure. Extended recovery. Or don’t want to give up your exercise habits, which you need to be careful about after silicone buttock implants!

HA fillers as an alternative

Another alternative to sculptra is for non-surgical buttock augmentation is using a dermal filler injection. Dermal fillers are natural hyaluronic acid substances which is also used for facial injections. They can be placed in larger quantities to increase the size or enhance the shape of buttocks.
HA dermal fillers are useful for contouring and for modest volume enhancement. It generates temporary volume augmentation and is broken down by the body on average within 9-12 months.
The result of HA buttocks filler is immediate and quite natural looking. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a safe way to temporarily plump and add curves or even to smooth irregularities in the buttocks and thighs.
While the results may not be as dramatic as those achieved with butt implants or fat transfer, this simple injection procedure can perk up the shape. Future sessions can safely be performed in order to further enhance your bum and achieve your desired rearward projection.

Following the procedure, the treatment area may be uncomfortable for a few days. Patients may encounter minor bruising or swelling, and some areas may feel slightly lumpy or hard before settling down. Gentle messaging of treated areas will help reduce any unevenness. Patients can return to work within one day but should avoid sitting for prolonged periods for the first two weeks. It is also necessary to sleep on your stomach for the first two weeks in order to avoid putting pressure on the treatment area.
The result of hyaluronic acid fillers is not permanent as the hyaluronic acid will gradually break down in the body. As a result, touch up treatments will be required once or twice per year in order to maintain the desired shape. The desire for significant or permanent buttocks enhancement will typically lead people to consider the other safe and reliable options such as fat grafting and buttocks implants.

Final buttock size matters

This is often overlooked. Most slim petite people workout hard and feel fit, but they are unhappy about their posterior and want to feel curvy with feminine silhouette. Sculptra Butt Lift has gained popularity in petite athletic people who don’t require the large volume enhancement seen in some of the A-list celebs.

This last point is very important in your decision making whether to go ahead with the Sculptra Butt Lift or not. You require a number of treatments. Sculptra is not a once off procedure. The desired butt shape and projection is gradually achieved through gradual build up administered through a course of treatments. You, the patient is the decision maker in how much and how much and how often you should add more enhancement. When you feel you’ve reached a level of buttock augmentation you’re happy with, then the treatment enters a maintenance phase on annual basis.

Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra Butt Lift Procedure

Sculptra Butt lift is a cost-effective alternative to Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The long lasting posterior projection requires no surgery. No liposuction. And no incisions. The Sculptra butt lift injection procedure is pain free. It requires little or no recovery time. In fact you can resume your strenuous activities the day after the procedure. Patients return to normal active daily activities immediately. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic we can administer up to 10 Sculptra vials in a session. Individual needs vary. On average two to four sessions of Sculptra Butt Lift injections are required to show great results.

Sculptra butt lift buttock injections at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin

Consider the Sculptra Butt Lift if you (like many people) are not an ideal candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Dr Hazem Kahlout

So, you want to go ahead?

The Sculptra Butt lift is a quick in-and-out office-based procedure. Sculptra is painlessly administered into predetermined areas of the buttock. The procedure takes less than an hour. The area treated will be numb for 1-2 hours afterwards. You can resume normal activities and strenuous exercise immediately. The treated area should start to gradually enlarge the glutes over the next few weeks. A month to six weeks later you come back in for an assessment and a second session.

The number of sessions required depends on your desired level of posterior projection. It’s your decision and expectation that matters most. We compare progress with your own before and after photos. The total number of treatments is highly individual. It is dependent on your age, and health, an gender and above all, your baseline physique. Not to forget your overall expectation. However, we’ll help guide you during your first consult and thereafter, every step of the way.

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