Everyone gets acne in one form or another. The causes are thought to be a combination of genetics and hormones. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin 15 we see a genetic blueprint for the duration and severity of acne because it varies greatly from one patient to another. Males are generally more severely affected because testosterone is an aggravating factor.

The cornerstone of acne therapy has been topical retinoids, oral antibiotics, and oral retinoid therapy. In recent years, doctors have questioned the long-use of antibiotics, stating concerns about increases in urinary and respiratory tract infections, hypersensitivity reactions, contraceptive pill interactions, and pregnancy complications. As for retinoids, side effects are too numerous to list, and suicidal depression is at the top. Thus, an alternative needed to be developed.

The alternative for acne therapy has come in various forms of energy delivered to the skin, predominantly via ultraviolet broadband light systems. Most energy-based systems derive their therapeutic benefits from a photochemical reaction in the blue-violet light range.

Another mechanism is a direct attack on the sebaceous glands using wavelengths predominantly in the infrared region. Multiple treatments have been required in all cases.

Acne Treatment at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin

“My preference is to use a RejuveLux device that produces light emissions over a wide range of wavelengths. The RejuveLux system I use allows me to treat patients with all skin types. Over the past 10 years, I have performed more than 8,000 procedures using this system, and I have found it to be an outstanding treatment option for acne, especially the cystic type. The system has enabled me to eliminate or substantially reduce the use of oral antibiotics, and results appear in weeks rather than months.”

The treatment interval is important. I obtain best results with initial shorter intervals. After about the third treatment, I try to extend the intervals a fortnight at a time, and I let the patient ask for an earlier treatment if a flare-up occurs. Adults usually require fewer treatments for initial control, and more monthly treatments, than teens. It takes about 15 minutes to treat an entire face, and about 30 minutes to treat the face, back, and chest.