Make mine a liposuction "lite.."!

Alternatives to Invasive Liposuction…

If you’re fit, relatively trim but can’t shake that last trouble spot, then liposuction “lite” might do the trick. Self magazine, reports on new noninvasive technological devices that use hot and cold to wipe out fat.

One such device is Zerona, which uses low-level lasers applied in multiple sessions. Zerona creates a temporary hole in fat cells, so the fat leaks out. It is a totally painless process but there is a downside: overeating may re-plump some of the fat cells, so you could gain the weight back over time.


abdominal vaser liposuction minimally invasive procedure

Another device, Liposonix, which uses ultrasound energy to dissolve small areas of fat, is used to achieve “sundress ready arms.” Liposonix focuses energy, as a magnifying glass does sunlight, to destroy fat at a pinpoint that is beneath your skin but above the muscle tissue. The downside is that you may have bruising or redness that can last up to a week. Also, as with other fat blasters, the fat can come back in some weird places, like the bra line, neck and armpits.

Belkyra (Kybella)

Belkyra (Kybella) contains deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance (present in bile acids) which breaks down fat. When injected into the double chin fat, it permanently destroys fat cells, reducing neck fullness under the chin.
The injection process takes about 20-30 minutes. It typically causes some transient swelling but is a very safe. Belkyra (Kybella) is minimally invasive injection treatment for those who are bothered by their double chin and want to avoid surgery


Vaser Liposuction is a the gold standard these days. It is a way to precisely and also efficiently target and fragment unwanted fat. This is an alternative to the indiscriminate ways of traditional liposuction, VASER liposuction uses focused ultrasound technology to reshape your body. The VASER Lipo System first emulsify and then remove fat from the body, yielding a much smoother predictable results and profound skin contraction for an even silhouette. Since it is more tissue selective than traditional liposuction, patients report low to minimal pain and low to minimal swelling and bruising.

Five Exercises

You cannot do without

Getting yourself to the gym is a great accomplishment in itself. Many people never take that step to improve their health and their lives. But since you do, don’t you think you should be doing the best and most efficient exercises to make the most out of your time? Spending time at the gym is only as effective as you make it.

Getting stuck in the same routine diminishes the results you get from your workouts and can leave you bored and uninterested in your workouts.

It’s important for your mind and your body to vary things; the more confused your muscles are, the better the results you’ll see from your time at the gym.

Take this opportunity to read about 5 exercises you likely aren’t doing but definitely should. It’s a great chance to start mixing up your workouts and getting more for your time and money…

1. Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swing

The swing is a great exercise that many people ignore in the gym. It’s best when used with a kettlebell, but works fine with a dumbbell as well. The hip workout you get from a swing is hard to beat and helps in any athletic activity. Make sure you drive the hips forward while driving your heels into the ground to get the most out of the exercise.

2. Swimming

Plain and simple, swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your entire body. In many ways it is the perfect exercise for humans. Joints do not bear force or weight while swimming. In addition to that, swimming is one of, if not the most calorie intensive exercises you can do. Your muscles and lungs will be worked in different ways compared to non-swimming exercises and you can burn upwards of 450 calories depending on the stroke in as little as 30 minutes. Talk about an efficient use of your time!

3. Arched Back Pull-ups

If you’re into fitness, you know how important and beneficial exercises like pull-ups are. They work your entire upper body from the back to the forearms. Pull-ups are one of the best body weight exercises you can do. The reason an arched back pull-up is more efficient than a regular pull-up is because it works all of your pulling muscles at once. Arching your back using a neutral grip gives you a horizontal and vertical pull in one motion while also intensely working the abdominal area. When you reach the top of the pull your chest should touch your hands and your back and legs should be near-parallel with the floor. Click here for more information about arched back pull-ups and back exercises.

4. Overhead Squat

This is an exercise that you must be careful with, to ensure you don’t use too much weight when you start. It involves holding an Olympic bar overhead in a wide grip. Keep your shoulders squeezed and arms extended while you enter a squat and push yourself back up. 

5. Renegade Rows / Walking Renegade Rows

While it has a tough sounding name, it really isn’t too bad once you start incorporating this exercise into your regular workouts. A renegade row is great for anyone because it works every muscle in the upper body at once. Your legs and core also get a workout as they stabilise your body to keep you balanced and in control of the weights. These can be done with kettle-bells or dumbbells (hex-shaped are best) and simply involve a few simple steps.