New Innovations

While fractionated lasers are nothing new, expanded post-treatment protocol methods allow us to improve the skin’s collagen remodelling capabilities after treatment.

Fractionated lasers create a pattern of microscopic injuries to the skin (known as micro-thermal zones of injury) that in turn stimulate collagen production. We are now having patients aggressively apply products to the skin after treatment to increase topical penetration and enhance the process of collagen synthesis.

Another way to boost the results of laser resurfacing is through the application of platelet rich plasma, or PRP. Though medical studies are still in their infancy, PRP has roots in orthopaedics and sports medicine where it has been used to speed the healing of wounded tissue in athletes.

PRP is obtained by drawing a small amount of blood, then centrifuging the blood in a test tube to separate the plasma from red blood cells. The plasma contains high concentrations of platelets, which can be painted on the skin after a fractional laser treatment to encourage healing or injected to thicken the skin. While the results are very anecdotal, many patients have reported a marked improvement in skin rejuvenation and the reduction of acne scarring after the procedure.

Cosmetic treatment is a process, and recent years have seen an increase in patients who are managed by their doctors over the long term. The younger generation will really benefit from the advancements in nonsurgical rejuvenation emerging today. If you are open to the concept of maintenance and preventative care early on, you will slow the need for traditional surgery down the road.


Celebrities Who Had Botox Injections

It’s been ten years since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration first approved Botox for use on wrinkles. Between now and April 15, 2002 a lot has happened. High-profile lawsuits, medical breakthroughs, tragedies, controversies, reality TV segments and a generation of celebrities suspended in their mid-thirties. Hollywood royalty may have been the first to jump on the wrinkle-filler trend but it was years before they actually admitted it. For years their M.O. was “Deny Deny Deny”, but as the rest of the country has caught up with the trend, stars are finally letting their guard down, if not their forehead skin.

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Botox – Worry Lines

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Alternatives to Invasive Liposuction…

If you’re fit, relatively trim but can’t shake that last trouble spot, then liposuction “lite” might do the trick. Self magazine, reports on new noninvasive technological devices that use hot and cold to wipe out fat.

One such device is Zerona, which uses low-level lasers applied in multiple sessions. Zerona creates a temporary hole in fat cells, so the fat leaks out. It is a totally painless process but there is a downside: overeating may replump some of the fat cells, so you could gain the weight back over time.


Another device, Liposonix, which uses ultrasound energy to dissolve small areas of fat, is used to achieve “sundress ready arms.” Liposonix focuses energy, as a magnifying glass does sunlight, to destroy fat at a pinpoint that is beneath your skin but above the muscle tissue. The downside is that you may have bruising or redness that can last up to a week. Also, as with other fat blasters, the fat can come back in some weird places, like the bra line, neck and armpits.

Fat Freezing

You can literally freeze off your fat. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), research on frostbite shows that fat cells freeze before skin does. This research cleared the way for cryo-fat freezing lipolysis, which presses your tummy “pooch” between two cold panels for up to two hours, destroying fat cells. But, stay on your diet; the fat can come back in other areas.


Vaser Liposelection(r) is a new and very different way to precisely and also efficiently remove unwanted fat. This is an alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional liposuction, VASER LipoSelection(r) uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to reshape your body. The VASER System first liquefy and then remove fat from the body, which is why it provides such smooth, predictable results. Since it is more tissue selective than traditional liposuction, patients report low to minimal pain and low to minimal swelling and bruising*.


There are also some new devices that firm skin. Radiofrequence and infra-red lasers use heat to reshape collage, firming skin on the surface. AntiLax, which is FDA approved for the face, firmed the foreheads of 86 percent of women after 3 months (according to a study) with effects that may persist up to three years. The AntiLax system flattens cellulite with a magic wand issuing heat waves from radio frequency energy


Under the spotlight

Facial Volume Restoration

Skin changes are among the most visible signs of aging. Skin aging first becomes apparent when the person is in their early 30s with the development of subtle changes, such as fine expression lines around the eyes and mouth and deepening of the tear trough, giving the face a somewhat tired appearance. Cosmetic Doctors further observe distinct features of aging progress with appearance of deeper and more permanent lines of facial expression that do not disappear when the face is relaxed leading to, Crows feet, Frown lines, Smile lines and Forehead lines. Furthermore there is loss of skin firmness and tone leading to sallow, dry, rough skin and more noticeable larger pore. In time age spots develop with uneven pigmentation and seborrhoic keratosis. Skin thinning with appearance of dilated blood vessels and spider veins adds to the complete aging face picture.

Exciting new facts have emerged as we further understand the structural changes and physics of the aging in the face. Previously it was thought that wrinkles, folds and skin sagging develop due to gravity pulling the skin down. What we know now is that it is not the stretching and drooping of the skin that accounts for the wrinkles and folds we see as we get older. The most significant contribution to the aged appearance is loss of volume in the skin, soft tissues, fat and bone that creates the visible signs of aging. Aging changes are more like a deflating balloon than a descent due to the action of gravity. Volume loss leads to the shifts in facial shape, balance and proportions. We can visualize this by looking at the difference between grapes and raisins.

Deeper structural changes in the aging face lead to the appearance of the more profound signs of aging:

  • Sunken cheeks
  • Appearance of jowls
  • Loose, sagging skin of the lower face
  • Drooping eyebrows and eyelids
  • Thinning lips with downturned, deepening corners


Facial remodeling is a new way of reshaping the face using fillers like Sub-Q and Voluma as well as the patients own fat cells. It is non-invasive, quick and relatively painless. Final results can last for up to 18 months with dermal fillers and more than 5 years with fat cells. Dr Kahlout is a facial volume restoration expert who has sculpted the faces of hundreds of patients. First, Dr Kahlout consults with the patient and advises them on the areas that can be worked on. Then the area to be treated is mapped out on their faces with a marker prior to strategically restoring the individual volume loss unique to each patient.

3D Volumising Facelift | SoftFill

For those who want to refresh and vitalise their face without surgery, Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic is offering this revolutionary new treatment, the Non Surgical 3D Facelift and facial remodelling treatment.  Mid face fullness portray youth. Young people have chubby full cheeks while older and sick appearance is reflected by a gaunt look. As move into forties and beyond the supporting structures of the face begin to lose their volume and relax.  There has been no ideal option for patients who are unhappy with their facial shape but do not want to undergo complex surgeries. The 3D non surgical facelift describe the treatment of facial complaints such as the gaunt face, long face, bottom-heavy face, chubby face, midface hollowness, and symmetrical face, as well as the modification of racial and ethnic characteristics, through the use of minimally invasive methods. Fullness to the face is restored by using either dermal fillers or your own fat cells.

Procedure Information

The first step in a 3D Facelift is the analysis of the facial skin’s laxity and contours. This is carried out using a Skin Analysis and Imaging Machine (to assess the texture and skin tone) instrument during a careful examination by Dr Hazem Kahlout. This part of the procedure is intended to discover individual areas of facial support that can be augmented during the 3D Facelift.  Once the tone and texture level of laxity of the skin have been assessed, the exact details of the treatment will be discussed with the individual patient. As mentioned above, we can either use suitable long-lasting dermal fillers like Restylane Sub-Q or Teosyal Ultimate or for those who prefer much longer lasting results lipofilling using the patient’s own fat cells which can be harvested from another area of the body.


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Five Exercises


You cannot do without


Getting yourself to the gym is a great accomplishment in itself. Many people never take that step to improve their health and their lives. But since you do, don’t you think you should be doing the best and most efficient exercises to make the most out of your time? Spending time at the gym is only as effective as you make it.

Getting stuck in the same routine diminishes the results you get from your workouts and can leave you bored and uninterested in your workouts.

It’s important for your mind and your body to vary things; the more confused your muscles are, the better the results you’ll see from your time at the gym.

Take this opportunity to read about 5 exercises you likely aren’t doing but definitely should. It’s a great chance to start mixing up your workouts and getting more for your time and money…

1. Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swing

The swing is a great exercise that many people ignore in the gym. It’s best when used with a kettlebell, but works fine with a dumbbell as well. The hip workout you get from a swing is hard to beat and helps in any athletic activity. Make sure you drive the hips forward while driving your heels into the ground to get the most out of the exercise.

2. Swimming

Plain and simple, swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your entire body. In many ways it is the perfect exercise for humans. Joints do not bear force or weight while swimming. In addition to that, swimming is one of, if not the most calorie intensive exercises you can do. Your muscles and lungs will be worked in different ways compared to non-swimming exercises and you can burn upwards of 450 calories depending on the stroke in as little as 30 minutes. Talk about an efficient use of your time!

3. Arched Back Pull-ups

If you’re into fitness, you know how important and beneficial exercises like pull-ups are. They work your entire upper body from the back to the forearms. Pull-ups are one of the best body weight exercises you can do. The reason an arched back pull-up is more efficient than a regular pull-up is because it works all of your pulling muscles at once. Arching your back using a neutral grip gives you a horizontal and vertical pull in one motion while also intensely working the abdominal area. When you reach the top of the pull your chest should touch your hands and your back and legs should be near-parallel with the floor. Click here for more information about arched back pull-ups and back exercises.

4. Overhead Squat

This is an exercise that you must be careful with, to ensure you don’t use too much weight when you start. It involves holding an Olympic bar overhead in a wide grip. Keep your shoulders squeezed and arms extended while you enter a squat and push yourself back up. This exercise is great becau

5. Renegade Rows / Walking Renegade Rows

While it has a tough sounding name, it really isn’t too bad once you start incorporating this exercise into your regular workouts. A renegade row is great for anyone because it works every muscle in the upper body at once. Your legs and core also get a workout as they stabilize your body to keep you balanced and in control of the weights. These can be done with kettlebells or dumbbells (hex-shaped are best) and simply involve a few simple steps.