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VASER High Definition Liposuction

Whether due to lifestyle or predetermined genetics, we all experience certain areas on our body that do not seem to respond to diet or exercise. Men who come to Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin for VASER HiDef liposuction have been working out hard at the gym. The have little extra fat carried around difficult to shift areas, usually the abdomen and chest. They feel fit, but do not have the body-shape they deserve after all this hard work. VASER HiDef liposuction restores athletic physique.

HiDef Vaser vs Traditional Liposuction

Traditional liposuction can remove these areas of fat, but VASER High Definition liposuction takes it a step forward by utilising ultrasound energy to remove fat in a way that leaves underlying muscles more defined. If required, Renuvion J-Plasma can also be deployed to further contract the skin over the newly defined look. Ultrasound from the VASER device selectively remove unwanted pockets of fat while strategically leaving others behind, a sculpting technique which is the art of reshaping your body and restoring a more athletic definition. VASER Lipo specifically targets pockets of fat over key muscle groups such as the abds, pecs, and arms. VASER High Definition Liposuction is ideal in those patients who only have small to moderate amounts of fat to be removed for a great contouring. VASER uses ultrasonic energy to disrupt fat cell and connective tissue in a process called cavitation. The VASER’s high frequency resonance disrupts the “scaffolding” causing the fat cells to fall off while leaving this important connective tissue intact.

HiDef Liposuction areas

Suitability for HiDef VASER

Depending on the fat removal amount, the end result of Vaser Liposuction is a slimmer, more contoured figure. Vaser Liposuction can be further enhanced by using a fat transfer, in combination with a buttock augmentation procedure.

Vaser High Definition Liposuction goes one step further in the body contouring and sculpting process. The highly precise liposuction procedure removes small fat deposits around and on-top of the muscle groups revealing muscle outline in a true six pack fashion.

The high definition liposculpture procedure is best suited to men, particularly those who have good skin integrity and good core strength with a strong horizontal definition.

VASER Liposuction can be used to target stubborn fat cells in all areas of the body including the tummy, love handles, arms, legs and neck. It can also be used to treat gynaecomastia (man boobs), to reduce the size of women’s breasts and to define the lower face.

High Definition Liposuction Steps


During the procedure you are awake. We infuse the treatment area with a physiological numbing solution. Ultrasound energy from the VASER device gently breaks up the fat from the connective tissue, changing it from firm “lard” consistency to a liquified “oily” texture. This change in consistency allows us to remove unwanted fat without the need for aggressive aspiration. The VASER separate the fat from nerves and blood vessels, leaving the surrounding tissue undisturbed better healing, and less bruising and swelling in the treated area. By-product of the ultrasound energy transmitted by VASER is heat. When human tissue is subjected to heat, it tightens in a predictable fashion.


VASER hidef liposuction is superior to traditional liposuction because to its ability to breakdown hard fat deposits first before suctioning them. With the fat cells loosened up we are able to selectively remove them from both deep as well as superficial sub-dermal layers. Sculpting around muscle layers with fineness. In essence, with HiDef liposuction we move from traditional liposuction to remodelling and precision liposculpting. This is a crucial factor in the way hi-def liposuction sculpts the body and it doesn’t simply remove deep layers of fat. It is also an important aspect encouraging skin contraction in the recovery phase, adding to that all important sculpted smooth contour.


Plasma is an energy delivered by Renuvion for skin tightening. The FDA approved treatment tightens excess loose skin without extended downtime. This skin tightening treatment is unique because can apply precision coagulation to specific loose skin areas resulting in immediate and visible shrink-warping effect. During the treatment the surgeon activates helium gas by radiofrequency (RF) to create a precise stream of energy called (plasma). This plasma energy generates controlled heat to instantly contract the skin while, at the same time, helium gas cools the treatment area. This combination of energy contracts the tissues under the skin, which tightens it.

Most commonly requested body sculpting procedures are the chest, arms, abdomen, and flanks. Six-pack, obliques, lats, pecs, biceps, triceps, and deltoids are all muscles that can be highlighted.

Six Pack Transformation

High definition (HiDef) liposuction is an advanced liposculpting procedure that deliberately shapes the body by removing fat in problem areas while at the same time revealing and highlighting desired muscle groups to create subtle hints of athletic definition. A muscular body is 3 dimensional, composed of light and shadows. If traditional liposuction is like painting with a broad brush, VASER high-definition liposuction is more like finessing with a delicate brush. Removing small deposits of unwanted fat exposes natural muscular contours which were not noticeable before, helping to create a more ripped muscular look. Results of high level of muscle definition that no other lipo procedure can achieve. Compared with traditional liposuction, VASER HiDef provides a more athletic, muscular appearance. High Definition liposuction used around a patient’s abdomen that has minimal fat can help to define the muscle groups resulting in a six-pack, athletic appearance.

Dr Kahlout hidef vaser abs

Results & Recovery

The recovery process is different for everyone. You should expect to take at least three days off from office-based work. If your work is physical, then a week off is ideal.

Immediately after surgery, you will be wearing a custom fitted compression garment. Wearing the compression garment is important in helping to reduce swelling and prevent build-up of fluid.

The compression garment should not be taken off during the first two days after surgery. After two days, you may remove the compression for your first shower, but it should be put right back on. You need to wear compression as near to 24-hours a day as possible for the first 4 weeks of recovery.

Although your VASER liposuction results are best seen after six weeks post-op, your body will continue to heal for the next four to six months. A good diet, staying well hydrated, wearing your compression, and regular lymphatic massage will help to expedite your recovery and ensure the best long-term results possible.

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Swelling & Bruising

You can expect some swelling, bruising and discomfort for the first few days following surgery. It is very normal for the swelling to get little worse before starting to improve. Wearing your compression garment will help keep the swelling down. It is also expected to feel numbness in the treated areas. Sensation will return to normal over time.

We highly recommend working with a lymphatic massage therapist to help ensure the best possible outcome after surgery. This post-operative massage is valuable to maximise your results and will start on day three post op.

You will need to abstain from any strenuous activity for the first 2 weeks. Starting activities too soon after surgery may put you at risk for bleeding. You may begin to perform light exercise two weeks after your surgery and may gradually increase your activity as you tolerate more.

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