Frown Lines

Frown Lines 

Deep frown lines running vertically between the eyes make a person look angry or upset even when he/she is not. Our emotions are portrayed through facial expression and frown lines are facial wrinkles that appear between the eyes when a person frowns, or looks angry or concerned. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin, we define frown lines as dynamic wrinkles caused by the action of the corrugator muscles. So why do people get wrinkle injection for frown lines? Well, If you don’t want to look worried or concerned all the time then the wrinkle injection treatment is for you.

As a person ages, years of making facial expressions combined with thinning skin lead to frown lines, this is part of the ageing process on our face. Worse still, with persistence and over time the line turn into a permanent crease. An additional forehead muscle, the procerus, creates horizontal forehead wrinkles as well.

Anti-wrinkle Toxin Injections

Muscle relaxing toxin injections are: The Most Popular Non-surgical Treatment for Frown Lines.

The toxin works by decreasing the muscle action. Over time, because the muscle doesn’t work as regularly, the skin relaxes and smoothen out. Anti-wrinkle treatment for frown lines and forehead wrinkles usually repeated every three to four months. There’s no doubt today, the commonest treatment is muscle taming with muscle relaxing injection.

The toxin is injected into the overactive corrugators and the procerus muscles, which can either relax, freeze or slow down the muscles’ movement, depending on the amount given. We recommend a lower dose for first-time patients, and reassessing after three months.

sad frown lines treated with botox

Toxin Injections for Worry Lines

Most popular nonsurgical option for frown lines is muscle relaxing anti-wrinkle injections. Frown lines are most pronounced when you work muscles between the eye, like when you frown in anger. Some people are happy but they look angry all the time. They look angry because their frown muscles are over-active. When one is cross they scrunch the frown muscle. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin, toxin injections soften and relax those muscles so they can’t contract as vigorously as the non-treated muscles.

The toxin injection works by blocking the chemical signal travelling from your nerves to activate muscle movement. In essence, telling them not to contract.

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acids such as Juvederm and Restylane are popular quality dermal fillers. They are made from naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, a substance present in abundance in our skin. Although they too are injected, dermal fillers are different to toxin injections. Instead of freezing the movement of treated muscles, dermal fillers plump up bothersome skin folds. Fillers work by adding volume to plump up frown line wrinkles.

Unlike muscle relaxing injections, which doesn’t take effect for several days, dermal filler treatment work immediately and settle better over the next few days. The results last for about nine to twelve months. If frown lines are being filled, a patient can expect to get two or three injections out of one syringe.

Combination Treatment

At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin; another option to eliminate the classic 11’s frown lines between the eyes is to combine both muscle relaxing toxin injections and dermal fillers together. Studies show that if dermal filler used with anti wrinkle injection toxin, the dermal filler tend to last longer. Adding longevity to results extending their duration up to twenty four months in this area.

Patients with not too severe a frown lines may want to choose muscle relaxing toxin injection only. However, others with moderate or deeper wrinkles may prefer dermal fillers. Someone with deep furrows associated with stronger muscle action, are best served by treating their frown lines with both wrinkle injection toxin and dermal fillers at the same time.

Dermal Fillers | Hyaluronic Acids

Dermal fillers are gaining popularity for rapid aesthetic improvement. Long-term efficacy and safety have not been well documented. The safety and efficacy of injectable dermal fillers compared with other facial augmentation techniques for the management of age-related lines and wrinkles is well documented. Hyaluronic acids (HA) such as Juvéderm and Restylane are superior quality dermal fillers. Although also injected, fillers are different from anti wrinkle injections. Instead of freezing the underlying muscle, treatments such as Juvederm and Restylane fill up a bothersome crease. Fillers work nicely to plump up that wrinkle.

Unlike the toxins, which doesn’t take effect for several days, dermal filler treatment work instantly. The results last for about twelve to eighteen months. When only frown lines are being filled, a patient can expect to get two or three injections out of one ml syringe.

Other Treatment Options

Frown lines and other kinds of wrinkles can respond to different kinds of cosmetic procedures. One of the most famous (and sometimes infamous) procedures is a conventional corregator muscle resection. Its an invasive procedure, but can create dramatic permanent results. Muscles are cut during the open surgical procedure. It is associated with long initial recovery times and higher complications. However, results are permanent.

For a less invasive option, patients can choose a variety of laser therapies that treat the skin with seat energy in order to combat worry lines and wrinkles by promoting various changes underneath the skin.

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