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Jawline Contouring Definition

Do you hate your jowls and sagging neck? Jawline contouring is a great option. You see, none of us likes to see our jawline uneven We don’t like weak or ill defined jawlines. A smooth contoured jawline, and a defined neck create a youthful look. Young or old, the size and shape of our jawline can impact the overall balance. Jawline also add attractiveness to one’s face. For men, a strong, sculpted jawline contouring is a feature portraying masculinity and appeal. For women, defining and subtly contouring the jawline can help make their face more V-shaped. The V-look is slender and more feminine. One of the most tell-tale signs of ageing is prominent jowls and a sagging jawline.

jawline contouring

Sagging Jawline

Jawline contouring is a treatment that uses dermal fillers. It defines and sculpts the mandible and add structure. Jawline Contouring can create a youthful slimmer side profile.

Sagging jawline is a key indicator of facial ageing. Often has a significant impact on a person’s appearance. The combined effects of gravity, bone resorption, decreased tissue elasticity, and redistribution of subcutaneous fat fullness contribute to the development of facial ageing. However, there are a number of non-surgical options available to help with jawline contouring of the lower face.

Loss of Facial Volume

As we age or facial fat atrophies, shrinks in volume, and the face becomes elongated…as the skin envelope becomes lax and sags.

Repeated mouth movements, smiling and facial expressions pull at the corner of the mouth. It creates folds or lines at which sagging facial skin can fall. Over the mouth this fold is called the nasal labial fold. Below the mouth the line is called the marionette line, known as called the pre-jowl sulcus.

Treatment Options

jawline contouring and chin augmentation with dermal fillers at Castleknock cosmetic clinic Dublin

Traditionally, jowls are tightened when performing face lift surgery. For younger people who do not want to undergo surgical correction another non surgical alternative can help. The non-surgical jawline contouring offered by Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic, Dublin is popular injection treatment performed with a soft minimally invasive cannula. The non surgical procedure defines the face neck transition area. Dermal fillers can achieve a range of results, from subtle to pronounced that suits all image conscious transformations. Another alternative is tightening up the jawline by supporting the lax jowl region upwards. Read below about the MiniLift procedure. For those with heavy neck and chin suffer undistinguished transition from face to neck. Jawline sculpting using VASER liposuction is a fantastic image transformation for heavy submental area.

Jawline Contouring with fillers

Jawline sculpting and contouring is up and coming in popularity. It was the hottest treatment in 2017 #jawlinedefinition and #jawlinecontouring. And have you ever wondered what the secret is to stunning bone structure? Facial contouring and jawline definition can do amazing things for your appearance. It can make a person’s facial features look more balanced. It improves facial outline. Individuals with square jawline, slight sagging of jowls or receding chin can take advantage of jawline contouring.

Ideal jaw line angle for women is 110-120 degrees. For men, a more erect angle at 100-110 is ideal. Contouring dermal fillers are used for this procedure. These include Radiesse, Juvéderm Voluma and Restylane Lyft. After careful assessment and planning the doctor marks the jawline’s intended fullness target. Dermal fillers are injected into the jawline using a cannula. The procedure is pain-free. The amount of dermal fillers used depends on the shape and size of the original jawline. We usually use 3-4 mls for women and for men 4-6. Results are immediate.

jawline contouring and chin augmentation with dermal fillers at Castleknock cosmetic clinic Dublin


Minimally invasive approach to supporting the jowl area. Lifting it up. The minimally invasive facelift procedure is performed with little or no recovery time. It provides upwards support to the lower face. Tightening sagging jowls for a better side profile definition. The scarless lift for the face uses dissolvable surgical sutures to lift and support sagging lower face structures like the jowls and jawline. Using special instruments, the dissolvable stitches are placed in the deep tissue plane, supporting the face without the need to cut the skin. Once inserted under the skin, they support and gently lift the skin into a more vertical and youthful position.


This European innovation is mastered by the doctors at the Dublin Cosmetic Clinic since 2008. Using a technique called the liquid face lift. It’s used to inject soft tissue fillers in fat loss areas of the face. By increasing the volume in target areas, sagging skin becomes supported and lifted. Sometimes the SoftLift play an important role in defining and contouring the jawline. During the SoftLift our doctor uses dermal fillers like as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Ellansé. These dermal fillers are biodegradable but safe and long lasting.


Well established as the gold standard of liposuction, the VASER lipo uses targeted ultrasound energy to disrupt fat cells before removing them. We use VASER to remove excess fat with the added advantage of tightening surrounding skin. VASER procedure is performed, at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic, Dublin under local anaesthesia. Liposuction of the neck and chin is the biggest bang for your buck cosmetic surgery. Double chin liposuction is done through a little tiny quarter inch incision behind each ear. With VASER chin and neck liposuction we can transform the persons appearance to a harmonised picture ready front and side profile. 

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