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Initial attempts at beautifying the lips probably started with Cleopatra. She who applied red pigment to her lips. In the 20th Century, lipstick was developed. Back in the 60’s, we used silicone to augment soft tissue of the body and face, including the lips. Back in the nineties Lip Filler augmentation included collagen (bovine), Gore-Tex, and a cellular human matrix. Nowadays we use natural hyaluronic acid fillers that have been specially developed for lip enhancement.

The lips are the most malleable and animate of all facial features. Many consider them the most pleasing feature of the lower third of the face. There are many ways to augment lips. Lip filler augmentation changes both lips dynamic and/or static shapes. Your lip augmentation journey starts by selecting a doctor with good depth of knowledge on two fronts. Knowledge of lip anatomy as well as solid understanding of how fillers integrate into the delicate lip tissue.


Tissue tailored treatment for the lip will ideally leave them softer, fuller and more sensuous with a noticeably distinct yet natural shape. Patients occasionally refer to this as “kissability.”

Dublin people like natural, healthy looking and sensuous lips. Lips are the most expressive feature of the face. They fascinate and captivate. They never go unnoticed. Today the desire for natural full and well defined lips has never been greater. Social media and celebrities like Kylie Jenner promoting fuller more luscious lip profiles.

Lips are the most expressive feature of the face. They fascinate and captivate. Lip fillers

The many complex movements and complex vasculature associated with lips can lead to relatively rapid depletion of their shape and contour. Enhancing lips, replenishing their volume and defining their borders in effect restore youthful complexion. Lip filler augmentation aims to bring out the best in your lips unique shape.

Artistic Lips Shape

Because lip shape is so important, lip filler augmentation treatment is carried at a slow artistic pace. Paying attention not just to new lip shape but also to vascular structure and avoid lumpiness. This will limit tissue damage and allow us to bring the best in your lips. Once work begins, the lips swell quickly. This happens because the lip tissue structure is malleable. Lips do not resist deformation well; that is why the lips are soft. Post-procedural application of ice packs helps to reduce swelling process over the next 24 hours.

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Lip Filler Injection

All lip procedures at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic are performed pain-free using local anaesthetic (nerve block). This is the ideal way to work on this sensitive part of a person’s face. Numbing creams don’t help on three fronts. Numbing creams only work if applied more than 30 minutes before we start injecting. They also distort the lip surface making difficult to get a perfect correction. More importantly, numbing creams cause expansion of blood vessels associated with excessive bruising. There are different types of nerve block and our doctors favour lip block technique.

Botulinum toxin injections don’t take effect for several days. On the other hand, dermal filler treatment work immediately and settle better over the next week. The results last for about nine to twelve months.

Lips are malleable, that means they distort easily. We try to limit tissue distortion by using a distal nerve block instead of local infiltration of anaesthetic agent. Nerve block causes profound numbness (total comfort) of the lips for at least a half an hour. It contains adrenaline to further help with bruising.

Quality Lip Filler

Most reputable dermal filler manufacturers have introduced lip specific hyaluronic acid HA dermal fillers. There are different fillers to suit different shape correction outcomes. From the tried and trusted Restylane Kysse to Juvéderm Volbella and Belotero Soft. Lip filler technology is advancing at a rapid rate with newer compound being safer, softer and lasting longer.


Lips thin as people age. The wet line (skin to pink) moves down and turns inward. This ageing process influences the overall shape dentition. In addition, the oral commissures (sad corner lines) begin to form. Thin, flat, and poorly defined lips impart a sense of age. Small lipstick bleed lines around the lips (peri-oral lines) begin to appear. We mastered different procedures to address each of these lip-ageing signs. Some of these treatments include augmentation to help restore fullness. Others are aimed at a well-defined, and proportional lip ratio. Your lips are unique to you. Your age, lifestyle and personality. Good lip enhancement results impart a sense of beauty and elegance.

Big Lips

Large sausage shape lips are not desirable. Our aim is achieve flowing lip contour on a background of soft, and full lips that are well balanced. Lips that have smooth defined margins. There are many ways to augment lips. Lip filler augmentation changes both lips animate and/or repose shapes. Your lip augmentation journey starts by selecting a doctor with good depth of knowledge on two fronts.

Vermilion Border sharpening to stop lipstick bleeding

Lip Volume restoration

Augmentation to a fuller lip shape

Enhancement of silhouette and corners

Philtrum Advancement

Cupid’s Bow reconstruction

Lip Pout formation

Shape Correction

Cupid’s Bow

Specific features of the lips deserve attention. The vermilion border should be clearly defined, sharp, and slightly raised. The Cupid’s bow, the central portion of the upper lip, should be well defined and distinct. Ideally, the lips should have horizontal symmetry, but vertical asymmetry, with the lower lip being slightly larger than the upper lip.

Due to congenital anomaly, ill fitting dentures or old injury the lips shape could become asymmetrical. Indeed this can also result following previous inexperienced work on the lips. A challenging task for us with gratifying outcome. Lateral thinking is required when one is considering shape correction on top of solid anatomy, physiology and the physics of movement. Above all artistry and vision of the future sculpted lip.


When getting aesthetic injection treatments you’re paying for the service, skill and expertise rather than just the product. Treatment cost depends on the the type and on the amount of dermal filler required. For price guide click this link to see our current Lip Augmentation Prices.

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