Arm Liposuction with VASER

VASER Arms Liposuction

Unwanted fat on the arms happen for several reasons. Weight fluctuation, pregnancy, or simple genetics can all contribute to stubborn pockets of fat on the arms. In some cases, diet and exercise simply are not enough. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic, Dublin arms liposuction with VASER is an effective solution to this problem for annoying bingo wings.

Many people discover that no matter how kettle-bell or arm exercises they do; they cannot get rid of stubborn fat deposits in their upper arms. This can lead to embarrassment. Excess fat on the arms can cause people to avoid certain clothing. Sufferers stay shy of situations where arms are exposed. They feel forced to wear long sleeves to cover those bingo wings.

Where on the arms?

We use VASER to sculpt and remodel the shape of your arms. At the same time arms liposuction with VASER gets rid of unwanted fat. Permanently! With liposuction of the arms we generally remove fat from the underside of the upper arms. The fat covering the triceps muscle is the most targeted area for removal. Many refer to it as bingo wings. For some people circumferential reduction of fat is required. Contouring around the biceps and deltoid muscles gives a more athletically sculpted arms. The power assisted VASER technology creates a firm and natural-looking result. Liposuction to additional areas, such as the upper bra rolls or bra bulge are often combined with arms liposuction with for an overall sculpted look. The procedure is most requested by women. Having VASER liposuction to the arms provide an overall slimmer silhouette.

Arms liposuction with VASER for bingo wings or bat wings performed by Dr Hazem Kahlout Castleknock cosmetic clinic Dublin. Bat wings bingo

Excess fat on the arms can cause people to avoid certain clothing.

Your arms are the most visible part of the body, so liposuction of the arms gives women more confidence in wearing short sleeves.

The power assisted VASER technology creates a firm and natural-looking result.

Arms Liposuction and Skin Tightening

Most patients have great satisfaction with VASER arm liposuction. The procedure is done using tumescent local numbing anaesthesia. It is performed while you’re awake without the need for general anaesthesia. Unwanted arm fat is emulsified and then removed using tiny cannulas. This two step approach gives amazingly smooth and even results.

Liposuction with VASER uses focused ultrasound energy. Ultrasonic energy works by breaking down fat cells for easy removal from the arms. It also heats beneath the skin. That heating prompts skin retraction. Skin contraction tightens and shrink-wraps the skin, helping a smoother contour and to define the underlying musculature.

At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin we offer VASER as superior alternative to traditional liposuction to permanently remove stubborn fat deposits. Because VASER liposuction is performed under local numbing it is associated with fast return to work recovery.

Arms VASER liposuction for bat wings and bingo arms fat removal Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin

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A Better Way to Get Results

Minimally Invasive

Liposuction with VASER is a minimally invasive sculpting procedure that removes fat cells from the body using ultrasound technology. VASER has many advantages over traditional liposuction. It has minimal disruption to surrounding nerves and blood vessels. It also helps to define muscle tone, and improves the contour and smoothness of the skin. The procedure minimises bruising and blood loss. Finally it requires less recovery time than traditional liposuction.

Renuvion Skin Tightening

Renuvion is an add on treatment which complements liposuction with VASER. The J-Plasma Renuvion is a ground-breaking FDA approved and minimally invasive procedure that delivers cold plasma energy to underside of the skin to provide spectacular skin firming results. It instantly tightens liposuctioned area for truly amazing contour. The level of improvement and rejuvenation from cold plasma energy is unrivalled in existing technologies. No laser, ultrasound or radiofrequency treatment is capable of tightening and firming skin to this level.

Pain Free

With VASER Lipo, we can produce eye-catching results in one session. Our patients describe little pain, a sensation more like a deep tissue massage. Downtime is minimal compared to recovery associated with traditional liposuction treatments. Results are visible immediately after the VASER Lipo procedure. Once you maintain your goal weight, results are considered permanent. They continue to improve with more skin contraction time as the tissues undergo healing over the next four to six months.


After VASER Lipo, patients are prescribed a recovery protocol to promote maximum skin retraction and smooth results. We may recommend manual lymphatic massage (MLD) therapy to enhance results and speed recovery.

We provided our patents with compression garments. These custom fit arm compression sleeves help your skin heal to the body’s new contours. We recommend a short period of rest (typically 12 hours) and quick return to normal daily activity. Usually within a couple of days.

Results are visible immediately after the VASER Lipo procedure. They continue to improve with time as the tissues undergo healing over the next four to six months. Recovery vary with how extensive the procedure was, the amount of fat removed, the number of areas treated, and so on. Most patients after having their VASER lipo at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin report seeing continued skin tightening over the next 3 to 4 months.

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