VASER Lipo for Men

Liposuction For Men

Liposuction for men has come a long way. In the past decade we offer men much more than just fat removal. More advanced procedures allow experienced doctors to reshape underlying tissue. We can remove unwanted fat while at the same time re-sculpt and create more definition for an overall athletic male body shape. Dr Hazem Kahlout has been sculpting bodies with VASER Lipo since 2008. He takes advantage of the focused ultrasound VASER technology not only to remove unwanted fat but further sculpt athletic physique. VASER Lipo carried out at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin is very effective in selectively removing stubborn fat to create a more defined muscular physique suitable for men.

VASER liposuction is one of the hottest procedures for men right now. It has a considerable 95% approval rating. Let’s face it, men want procedures that yield results quick and with minimal pain and disruption to their daily routine.

Traditional surgical fat removal procedures have been more about mechanical avulsion and suction of fatty tissue (including surrounding nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue). Often resulting in long recovery and higher incidence of side effects. VASER energy only target the breaking down of fat cells. VASER Lipo is an innovative body sculpting option that uses ultrasound energy. The VASER ultrasound technology effortlessly break up and permanently remove unwanted fat. It does that with minimal disruption to other important tissue integrity. Selective fat removal for optimal recovery and smoother results.

Vaser liposuction for removal of unwanted fat bulges in men at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin

How VASER Liposuction for Men Works

Liposuction with VASER uses focused ultrasound technology that is tissue-selective. It targets unwanted fat while preserving surrounding nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. That selectivity is associated with rapid recovery. Furthermore, because the fat is emulsified first, it allows for superior smooth contours. In addition to liposuction and contouring, VASER prmotes skin retraction. VASER can be used for sculpting six-pack abs (VASER Hi-Def), and for fat transfer to other parts of the body in a process called lipofilling. The focused energy can also be used to treat underarm hyperhidrosis.

VASER Liposuction Procedure

The liposuction is performed under local anaesthesia numbing. During the procedure, tiny incision are made. Through these 3mm incisions, a thin probe which emits focused ultrasound waves is inserted. The focused ultrasonic energy selectively break down stubborn fat deposits, leaving important tissues relatively intact. The energy delivered to the area breaks down fat into soft smoothie-like consistency. This mushed up fat is then removed with gentle suction. VASER technology is so precise we can perform the liposuction procedure even on the most delicate of areas. Areas like male breasts, mons pubis, chin and neck.

Abdomen | Thighs | Back, Arms| Man Boobs | Love Handles | Chin and Neck | Mons Pubis

Areas of liposuction for men

Liposuction for Men – VASER Safety

Treatment with VASER Liposelection has been reported to produce low to minimal pain, low to minimal bruising and swelling, and few complications. LipoSelection patients report smooth, predictable results and tight contours.

Risks are minimal for a properly performed VASER lipo and the results can be maintained if the patient keeps to a balanced lifestyle and diet. Most VASER Lipo procedures can be performed as day surgery – under local anaesthesia and some form of light sedation. Return to normal activities is expected within few days.

With VASER Liposuction, nerves and blood vessels are largely unaffected. Patients see low to minimal post-operative pain and bruising. The VASER Lipo procedure also allows us to work with such precision that we can shape delicate areas like the underarm, man boobs and groin region.

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