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Did you know that up to 40% of men are reported to have gynaecomastia. A condition that present with enlarged breasts in men. It is also known as man boobs or moobs. So nearly one in two men have had man boobs at some point in their life! It may sound unbelievable, but it is actually true. Most males get enlarged breasts during puberty or adolescence, but they usually go away after a year or two. For some unlucky men, the man boobs stay with them forever.

Gynaecomastia Causes

In addition to the hormonal effects at puberty, man boobs can also be caused by taking medical or performance enhancing drugs. Although alcohol is not a drug, it is widely accepted that it can contribute to feminising male boobs. If you consume a lot of alcohol and have man boobs, try cutting back for a little while and see if it helps. There are also medical conditions that can cause man boobs ranging from hormonal imbalance issues, obesity as well as prostate cancer. Klinefelter’s syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, testicular tumours, prolactin excess, or are medication related.

Male chest gynaecomastia reduction vaser

While female breast growth is stimulated by oestrogen, male breasts are influenced by oestrogen and testosterone. The problem with boys who get to develop gynecomastia is their bodies start to produce more oestrogen than testosterone turning their male chest into man boobs.

If the problem of male chest enlargement is not due to enlargement of glandular tissue, it could be due to accumulation of fat only. In this case it is called pseudo-gynaecomastia. A mixture of breast and fatty tissue. Pseudo-Gynecomastia usually has no underlying medical pathology.

In practice gynecomastia could be a mixture of the above 2 types. It results from increased male breast tissue size as well as accumulation of retro-mammary fat tissue. The condition is sometimes referred to as mixed gynecomastia.

Man boobs enlargement of male breast gynaecomastia liposuction with vaser

Nipple Areola Size

The areola is the darker area of skin that surrounds the nipple. As with the breasts and other parts of the body, the areolas come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours. It is normal for areolas to change in size and colour over time.

Some men have gland or fat tissue that accumulates under the areola or even extends slightly past the areola area. This causes the areola to become enlarged or appear “puffy” dome shaped. In cases where the areola is enlarged more than the typical size for a male, a reduction can offer a more flat, masculine appearance.

Prominent nipples and areolas are a common point of concern for men. A prominent nipple can affect confidence and impact ones interest in activities requiring light clothes or no top, like swimming.

Unduly large or wide areola can also be a point of concern. These issues are generally a result of genetics but can be caused by medications, steroid usage or weight fluctuations.

While nipple reduction surgery reduces the size of the nipple, an areola reduction can be done to decrease the diameter or puffiness of the areola. It is quite common for one or both of these procedures to be combined with male breast reduction to improve the chest’s overall appearance.

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Terms like ‘moobs’ or ‘man boobs’ relates the enlargement of the male breasts from any cause.

Gynaecomastia Treatment Options

Man boobs (gynaecomastia) is a problem that is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. More men are seeking medical professionals for procedures to correct help with their enlarged chest.  Traditional treatment of man boobs involves a surgical operation such as subcutaneous mastectomy, where incisions are made either around the nipple/areola area, or in the crease just under the breast. The procedure is often associated with significant scarring.

Man boobs can now be treated reliably and successfully with VASER Liposuction. This has the advantages of virtually no scarring, virtually no blood loss, fast recovery time. In addition, the whole chest, including the lower border of the pectoralis muscle, could be reshaped and defined.

VASER Lipo For Enlarged Male Breasts

The male breast is particularly fibrous in nature and it is difficult to carry out conventional liposuction to the area. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin, the ultrasound energy of the VASER technology disrupts the dense fibrous tissue making it easier penetrate readily. The liposelective nature of VASER allows the fatty tissue to be removed in an even manner.

The goal for VASER liposuction of the male breast is straightforward: Improve the patient’s physical appearance by removing as much fat as possible while avoiding any damage to skin or muscles. VASER Liposuction of the male breast is one of the four areas on men most commonly treated by liposuction (the other areas being the abdomen, flanks, and chin-cheek-jowls). Male patients with excessive fat in their breasts can expect significant improvement with VASER liposuction. No scars and little recovery time.


After VASER liposuction is completed, the small 4 mm incisions are allowed to remain open (they are not closed with sutures) in order to maximise drainage of residual tumescent anaesthesia solution and fatty tissue. Sometimes a vacuum pressure drain is placed to aid further removal of operative fluids.

Results are visible immediately after the gynaecomastia VASER Lipo procedure. However, they continue to improve with time as the tissues undergo healing and retraction over the next four to six months. Recovery vary but most patients report seeing continued skin tightens over the next 4 to 6 months. Regardless of the method of treatment chosen, long term rejuvenation of the delicate neck skin is required.


Compression Garment Gynaecomastia

We provided our patents with compression garments. These custom fit vests help your skin heal to the body’s new contours. They’re comfortable and should be worn for three to four weeks. After your procedure we recommend a short period of rest (typically 12 hours) and quick return to normal daily activity. Usually within a couple of days.


Skincare corrects and also maintains optimal skin health. Post liposuction we recommend specific topical treatment creams to further enhance uneventful recovery and tighter skin results.

Regular application of skincare in the immediate post-op period allows for smoother transition to better results. ReFirm contains a unique combination of essential oils and repairing active peptides. Made with high quality natural plant-based ingredients. When combined with Recover Cream they have synergistic effect firming and healing treated area. Recover contains o.5% retinol and other nutrients to help balance the skin.


After VASER Lipo, patients are prescribed a recovery protocol to promote maximum skin retraction for this important male chest area. After-all we are looking for even contour and boost in self confidence. We will most likely recommend manual lymphatic massage (MLD) therapy to enhance uneventful and speedier recovery.

We usually recommend four to six sessions with MLD therapist starting from the third day post-op. They are best spaced at intervals of two per week.

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