Masculine Male

Masculine Looks

In the last few years there has also been a dramatic increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures. Men want to look fresh and youthful while preserving their masculine look. Traits traditionally viewed as masculine in Western society include strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness and the looks to go with each feature. Machismo is a form of masculinity that emphasises masculine traits. Many men seek treatments that enhance masculine looks rather than beautify their appearance. A process known as masculisation. Popular treatments for men enhance sharper more defined angles. Treatments like body sculpting and chin enhancement as well as facial contouring are very popular. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin we are pioneers in delivering the best treatment options for our male patients straight from the experts.

Facial features that can make men masculine

For most of our evolutionary past, bigger men fended off rivals for female attention and battled other men to secure status and resources that made them useful contributors to a family. There are ideal manly features supporting masculine male. Those features that tend to distinguish male from female faces. Gender differences in facial appearance are the result of hormonal and cultural influences. In general, the bone structure of men is more prominent and angular. A man’s body features a larger and more sculpted dimensions compared to the smaller and more delicate female silhouette.

Strong, bold facial contours – particularly wider cheek bones and a well defined angular chin and jaw line – are widely regarded as the ideal male facial features.

masculine handsome man

Non-Surgical procedures to make the male face Masculine

Despite this growing demand, men contemplating facial surgery often reject surgery that may result in an “operated look” or even worse make them appear more feminine. Men endeavour to avoid treatments that leave any tell-tale signs of work been done. As more than 9 out of ten aesthetic patients are females, the industry may not be geared to properly cater for what men want. Certainly, men have not been well served by some sections of the cosmetic industry which have tended to take a “one size fits all” approach.

Dr Kahlout (medical director of Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin) understand men needs. He works with men to tailor procedures ensuring male masculine aesthetic features are both retained and further enhanced. Check our Instagram feed for few examples!

We take the approach that men must be treated more deliberately than women. A treatment that ensures men retain their natural rugged facial features.

Features that define the essence of a handsome looking man. It is imperative that all facial cosmetic work with men, surgical or non surgical should ensure the male aesthetic is retained by keeping to the following guiding principles:

Softening facial lines, folds and wrinkles – but not completely removing them.

Restoring lost facial volume – but not exaggerating features.

Working to a facial template that reflects the universal ideal of the handsome male, including the angular lower face shape which typifies male morphology.

Strong Facial Features


The shape and size of the nose is highly variable. The characteristics of the nose can seem subtle but are important to giving a more masculine appearance. Men usually have broader noses, and the bridge can be a bit dipped or even have a slight hook. The angle between nose and lips for men is usually no more than 90 degrees. The profile is more concave. Furthermore, the angle between the nose and the lip is smaller in men than women.

This makes the non-surgical reshaping required to change the nose (rhinoplasty) an artistic and delicate exercise. It is important to maintain balance and harmony between the forehead and nose.

Noses with more masculine characteristics tend to have:

a larger size

sharp angular dimensions

a nasal bridge that is wide and straight

a nasal tip that tends to point downwards

male nose reshaping

Masculine Eyebrows

The eyes are windows to the soul. The eyebrows are much like the cloak of mystery that hide one’s emotions. They frame and enhance your eyes. A man’s eyebrows tend to be heavier, straighter, and closer to the eyes. The eyebrows are bushier, longer and more unruly than women’s.

Men Brow Bone

Males often have a ridge of bone around the upper edge of the eye sockets called the “brow boss”. Because of the brow ridge, the general angle of the forehead in males is steeper and the angle between the forehead and nose is sharper when viewed from the side. A brow bone enhancement can project your brow ridge.

Masculine Male Forehead

The forehead makes up one third to half of the face surface area. It can dominate how masculine your face looks. The forehead is highlighted by your hairline above and your brows below.  That is why it contributes strongly to a more masculine presence.

Typical masculine characteristics of the top half of the face:

The hairline sits further back on the skull and makes the forehead appear higher– a receding hairline further enhances this effect.

The forehead frontal bones embossed more and create a sense of sunken eyes.

The forehead skin is rugged decorated with not too deep wrinkles

Typical masculine characteristics

Chin and Jaw

The male chin is almost always more prominent and much larger than the female chin. Men tend to have chins that appear square in shape. The jawline along each side of the lower face is another characteristic that can create a masculine appearance. In men, the jaw is stronger and wider. Male jawline is well defined. Several procedures can help reduce the size of the male chin and jaw including chin contouring and jaw angle enhancement. The chin and jaw represent most of the surface area of the lower face and add strongly to a more masculine appearance.

In men, both chin and jaw are generally large, with typical qualities including:

Masculine characteristics of male chin and jaw:

tall, angular, and flat bottom chin

large jawline that is square

embossed lower jawbone (mandible)

male jawline proportions

Masculine Men Lips

Lips are another facial feature that can create a very masculine appearance. On the other hand, men can sport a beard adding more inquisitive enigma to the lower part of their face. The shape and size of the lips and cheeks tend to be different in women and men. By nature, men have thinner, longer lips, while women have lush, plumper lips. Aside from this, male lips sit more from the nose than female lips. Lips can be made more masculine by adding volume to their body. Volume that is soft either by using serum like dermal fillers or your own fat through lipofilling of the lips.

Masculine characteristics of male lip tend to be:

thinner or narrower

flatter or not plump

further from the base of the nose

perfect male lips