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Knee Fat Pads

If you are bothered by a pocket of fat around your knees and wondered how to get rid of it, you’re not alone. Although knee fat is not often talked about compared to let’s say; abdominal fat, the knee bulge is just as common a concern. Having knee fat pads makes sufferers feel like they can’t wear shorts. Even if they are not overweight they can still hold stubborn fat around your knees. We all have some problem areas on our body. Areas that like to collect fat that just does not seem to shift away.

Many women who start losing weight by eating better and exercising can still have fat around their knees. Crazy enough you can make progress and be fine with everything else on your body but can’t get rid of the knee fat even if the rest of your legs are pretty toned.

Common knee fat pad concerns we see at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin is bulge on the knees keep people who have them in tight trousers or leggings year-round because they don’t want to bare their old looking legs in shorts or a mini skirt. Inner knee fat pads are considered unsightly and they rub against each other when walking.

Causes of Fat Knee Pads

There’s no doubt having blobby legs can make your legs look 20 years older than the rest of your body. Your metabolism starts to slow down with age and your toned muscle weaken year on year. And the less muscle you have, the higher your body fat is going to be. So what causes knees to collect fat?

The majority of causes is a genetic predisposition associated with weight gain around the knees. A more common factor is getting older. As we age our skin loses some of its elasticity, causing it to sag and collect fat in the area. It happens to everyone, just not always to the same extent.

One of the big reasons you have stubborn fat around your knees due to genetics. Many women have pear-shaped bodies with a tendency to store excess fat in their lower body. Fat that’s frustrating to get rid of. Because you’re born with predisposition to collecting fat around your knees it makes it even harder to shift it with diet and exercise. Many women on the shorter side tend to store more of their fat in their legs and knees. Genetics only really make up a small part of knee fat.

Knee fat pad liposuction vaser

Getting Older

As you age your body naturally starts to produce less and less collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. Collagen provides structural support for your skin and tissue. As you lose collagen your skin elasticity will also deteriorate. This skin elasticity is what allows your skin to firm up and be tight. Without enough collagen in your body, you’ll then start to experience more saggy loose skin.


Getting your hormones under control is going to be key to optimising your body fat levels. Insulin, oestrogen, and cortisol are the 3 big ones for women. Eating carbohydrates and sugar rich foods can cause your insulin levels to rise. Repeated high insulin gives a signal to your body putting it in a fat storing mode. A rudimentary defence mechanism that help us store energy for future use. Cortisol is a hormone that promotes the storage of fat in stubborn places. High cortisol levels are caused by chronic stress and lack of sleep.


Finally, the lack of exercise will also cause your body fat to increase. Even if you lose weight your body will become “skinny fat.” This is where you might appear thin and skinny with a normal BMI but, your body is skinny fat. It feels mushy, storing fat in all the wrong places.

Knee Liposuction VASER

To slim the sides of your knees, you have to start a comprehensive weight-loss program. The fat around your knees may be stubborn and people come for a helping hand with knee liposuction. VASER liposuction of the knees is a procedure to remove fat in this area known to be difficult to reduce and tone with diet and exercise. Knee liposuction doesn’t completely get rid of cellulite or saggy skin. While these skin concerns are more common around the thigh area, they can sometimes occur around the knee, too.

You may be a good candidate for knee liposuction if you have good skin elasticity and are at or around a weight that is healthy for your body type. VASER knee liposuction is designed for people who despite following a healthy lifestyle plan are having trouble with fatty deposits in around the knee area of their body.

Knee VASER lipo is a minimally invasive liposuction procedure that involves breaking down and gently suctioning out fat. Removal of bulging knee pad fat deposits located on the inner knee achieve a more contoured look. VASER also generate controlled heat that aids in retracting the skin back, preventing excessive loose skin.

knee liposuction vaser

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VASER VS. Traditional Liposuction

Knee liposuction doesn’t completely get rid of cellulite or saggy skin. While these skin concerns are more common around the thigh area, they can sometimes occur around the knee, too.

Traditional liposuction is unpleasant, involving a lot of prodding with a metal cannula which leaves a lot of bruising in its wake. Knee liposuction doesn’t completely get rid of cellulite or saggy skin. While these skin concerns are more common around the thigh area, they can sometimes occur around the knee, too. Traditional liposuction is not energy assisted and do poorly in tightening the skin leading to visible surface irregularities. However, the VASER liposuction uses high-frequency ultrasound to liquify fat, which is then suctioned out gently leaving a small percentage behind to disperse locally for an even contour and absorb through the body’s lymphatic system.

The smaller you are before liposuction the more contouring you can get from the knee liposuction with VASER lipo. As with all liposuction procedures, it is better when you are younger and have tight skin. The best in body contouring not only removes fat, they tighten and evenly distribute residual fat. Energy devices like VASER internally heat the skin and tighten it at the same time.

knee fat pad vaser liposuction lipo


At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic we liposuction using VASER technology. VASER is an out-patient procedure to help patients say goodbye to excess fat collection in around the knees. Unwanted fat gathering around the bottom of the thighs and the knees can negatively affect your self-image and make it difficult to wear the clothing you want.

Overall, the results of a knee vaser liposuction procedure is considered permanent as long as you maintain your weight and fitness level. While it’s a once off procedure, depending on your contouring goals, more than one treatment may be necessary.

Knee Fat Pad VASER liposuction


Overall, the results of knees liposuction is considered permanent as long as you maintain your weight and fitness level. With VASER Lipo, we can produce significant results, without the pain and prolonged recovery associated with traditional liposuction treatments. Most patients report superior results in one session, and faster recovery than traditional liposuction.

After VASER Lipo, patients are prescribed a recovery protocol to promote maximum skin retraction for this important banana rolls area. After-all we are looking for even contour and boost in self confidence. We will most likely recommend manual lymphatic massage (MLD) therapy to enhance uneventful and speedier recovery.

We provided our patents with compression garments. These custom fit tights-like girdles help your skin heal to the body’s new contours. They’re comfortable and should be worn for three to four weeks. After your procedure we recommend a short period of rest (typically 12 hours) and quick return to normal daily activity. Usually within a couple of days.

Results are visible immediately after the knee VASER Lipo procedure. However, they continue to improve with time as the tissues undergo healing and retraction over the next four to six months. Recovery vary but most patients report seeing continued skin tightens over the next 4 to 6 months.

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