Facial Lasers

Laser Rejuvenation

Flawless skin is universally the most desired feature in humans. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin treatment yields a skin that glows, giving radiance and vitality. Facial laser rejuvenation photofacials gently revitalise the skin reversing the “telltale” signs of ageing. Unwanted freckles, sun spots, broken veins and so on are eliminated. The result is a soft, natural and more youthful appearance.


Photo-facial laser rejuvenation increase skin hydration from within. It does that by enhancing the skins ability to produce more collagen and elastin. The light energy also mobs up harmful free radicals.

Photofacial Treatment

Unlike more aggressive lasers, surgery, or outdated Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems, the latest generation technology delivers RejuveLux treatment using smooth fluence (energy) and long pulse duration at specific wavelength bands to achieve superior photothermolysis. The result is more comfortable treatment and target clearance can be achieved in lesser number of sessions. The Photofacial is gentle enough to treat delicate areas like the full face for a far more aesthetically pleasing effect. Typically treatments are performed in four sessions over three months. Photofacial provides gradual improvement with very low risk that patients find it tremendously satisfying. The procedure is safe enough for application on the neck, chest and hands.

Photofacial lasers

Photofacial Procedure

A laser hand-piece, with adjustable settings, packs concentrated light energy into each pulse of concentrated laser light. Its able to treat varied skin types and conditions. The laser light brightens pigmented lesions (sunspots or age spots), by delivering a pulse of intense light spectrum. This light passes effortlessly through non-coloured skin and absorbed by darker pigment, concentrated in the unwanted lesions. The light heats the melanin rich pigment cells which in-turn heats them. The facial laser rejuvenation process renders cells that produced it non-functional. The body naturally sheds these dead cells after about two weeks, leaving behind fresh, unblemished skin.

Photofacial treatment is quick and painless. Most patients describe the photofacial light pulses as a ‘snapping’ sensation, which causes mild discomfort at most. After the treatment, you will experience some redness for a few hours, but that quickly fades away. Patient can enjoy the effects of blemish-free skin for months to come. When interchanged with alternate light bandwidth, the effect is gentle stimulation of one’s own collagen and elastin production.

Suitable Photofacial Rejuvenation

Photofacial is a phenomenal procedure capable of distinguishing and selectively diminishing or fully ridding one of:

age spots

dark pigmentation


minor sun damage

large pores

ruddy skin

And the best part?  it has very little downtime! Smooth Selective laser facial rejuvenation therapy gives you the benefits of a medium depth laser peel. It is also equal to TCA chemical peel or other type of facial/rejuvenation procedure. It does that without enduring side effects like blisters, burns and long recovery time. Not only that, photofacial is proven therapy to help redness associated with medical conditions like (rosacea, flushing, etc)!

Enhancing Skin Rejuvenation Results


Retinol work to reduce the appearance of age spots by helping the skin renew and heal itself. Retinol works over time. It should be incorporated into your skincare routine from and early age. It is beneficial to use soothing skin cleansers to help you tolerate the intense vitamin A invigorating activity. We recommend Demani Skincare R+ 1% Retinol Serum. Some people are sensitive to retinoids. We advise using a small amount of the serum on your skin, twice weekly and gradually build up tolerance.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a method of regenerating and resurfacing the skin by inducing a controlled wound to the skin. They remove the top layers skin to help induce collagen remodelling and therefore improve sun-damaged skin, skin pigmentation problems and the overall appearance of the skin. The strength of the chemical peel will determine its depth. AHA, BHA and TCA peels are popular. Deeper peels will have a greater number of complications and a longer recovery, but also will result in a greater improvement in the skin.


Illuminate is a prescription-strength skin brightening serum from Demani Skincare. It contains the naturally occurring hydroquinon precursor, arbutin. Alpha arbutin an extract from the bearberry plant that has powerful skin-brightening properties. It works by decreasing the formation of melanin in your skin, which is the cause of the brown discoloration. Illuminate is a skin serum used at home; it requires no preparation and is applied twice daily. Use it with skin soothing cleansers to avoid complications. It isn’t painful, although you should stop using it if you experience any of these side effects.

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