Some people are born with naturally full lips. However, even full lips will grow thinner and longer over time due to the effects of sun damage, gravity and aging, and wrinkles will eventually develop around the mouth. For those who wish to regain their lips’ natural volume and shape, or for those who were born with naturally thin lips, lip augmentation or enhancement procedures offer a successful solution. The most common procedure for lip augmentation involve the use of injection with dermal fillers.

To improve on the appearance of lips, let’s first review what landmarks contribute to an aesthetically pleasing lip augmentation

1- Lips are not uniform; and too avoid ending up with an unnatural look, the upper lip is not straight, but has the overall shape of a soft letter “M”.
2- There is a natural depression in the middle of the upper lip, called the “cupid’s bow”
3- The cupid’s bow is formed by two vertical lines that extend from the base of the nose, called the “philtrum.”
4- The natural lip has a slight fullness at its edge called the “roll” or the “vermillion border.”

At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin’ I see some people who come to me for lip augmentation correction after having their lips injected in an unskilled fashion; simply volumising the lips and ending up with the so-called “hot dog” lips; that is, lips which are bigger but ultimately shapeless because all of the landmarks mentioned above have been erased. I, on the other hand, carefully re-sculpt these lip landmarks to ensure the most natural result. The procedure is performed after careful inspection of the lip characteristics and after nerve block numbing.