Hands Rejuvenation

We see photos of older celebrities who maintained their face and figure beautifully, and yet gave their age away by neglecting their hands. People go to great lengths to stay young for the camera. However, time and time again the hands are the one area we work hard to maintain. Luckily, there are several treatments designed to ensure best looking hands. A youthful appearance is often judged by not just the condition of the face and neck, but also of the hands. Over time, hands can begin to become pigmented and lose their fat padding. They eventually become wrinkled. Hands rejuvenation at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin can help to reverse these problems.

Our hands are some of the hardest working and least cared for parts of our bodies. But to restore them to their former glory, there are a number of avenues that should be considered. These include Laser Rejuvenation, a new skin care regimen, and fillers.

This can be done with a combination of lasers including the fractional carbon dioxide laser, fat transfer and injection dermal fillers. There is no real method of preventing hands from ageing other than the use of a good sunscreen. It is important to place sunscreen on the back of the hands as well as the face and neck.

Hand Rejuvenation treatments

Hand Dermal Fillers

Sometimes it is not the skin’s surface that is the problem, rather it is the volume of collagen and tissue surrounding your hands that gives them a worn, aged look. There are advanced dermal fillers that can be injected directly into the hands, literally ‘filling’ them out until they have regained their plump, youthful appearance. Hands rejuvenation with dermal fillers rarely takes more than an hour, and because all that is required are a few key injections, the effects are instant, with little or no down time. Dermal fillers like Radiesse and Ellansé can be placed into the hands to restore volume loss. This helps to reduce the appearance of tendons and the bones of the hand by plumping the areas around these structures.

Dark Sunspots

Skin pigmentation on the hands, in the majority of cases, is due to sun exposure. These dark age spots develop with increasing levels of UV light. On the hands they develop as discrete brown spots that can make the hands appear older.

Hands rejuvenation can be treated in a number of ways at the Dublin based cosmetic clinic;

Hands Skin Resurfacing

Unlike traditional carbon dioxide lasers, which have a high risk of scarring when used on off-face areas like the hands, fractional carbon dioxide lasers are able to remove pigmentation from hands as well as improve skin texture. The tiny beams of laser help rejuvenation as well as getting rid of dark pigmentation.

Fractional CO2 Laser and can be used at low energy levels to rejuvenate the backs of the hands. The laser machine is used to resurface skin and allow the skin to regenerate to become smoother and less wrinkly.

Fractional CO2 Laser ablate a percentage of the surface of the skin, leaving some intact and untreated bridges of skin in between the treated areas. This allows for faster healing and less risk of scarring than traditional non-fractional carbon dioxide lasers.

CO2 laser resurfacing carbon dioxide
Fractional laser resurfacing c02 carbon dioxide hands

Hands Rejuvenation with Fat

Fat loss on the back of the hands can lead to excessive show of tendons/bone, and make hands appear aged. The back of an attractive, healthy appearing hand has a slight fullness that obscures veins and tendons but does not hide them. The back of the normal hand is not a devoid of fat and the attractive young hand is full not fat. The key to the successful hand rejuvenation of the ageing hand is to create an even layer of fat grafts over the back of the hand that makes the skin look and feel thicker with youthful fullness.

Fat transfer can be used to transfer fat from another part of the body, via liposuction, to be placed in the hands. This is a good procedure that usually lasts for many years.

Tulip lipofilling system for Hand Rejuvenation treatments

Skincare for Hands Rejuvenation

So, once you’ve regained the healthy radiant hands you used to enjoy, make sure you protect them once and for all with a skin care regimen. General wear and tear, day-to-day stresses such as having our hands in and out of hot water, using household cleaning products, and the sun’s UV rays can all take a toll on the skin on our hands and leave them looking aged and neglected. As with facial skin, one of the most ageing influences on hands is the sun, so make sure you invest in a good sunscreen which contains blockers of UVA and UVB rays. After all, once you’ve regained, you’re youthful hands, you’ll want to maintain them.

We’ve tried many skincare products over the years and we settled on recommending Demani Skincare. The Recover night cream in combination with hyaluronic acid moisturiser, Hydrate keep hands silky smooth and hydrated

skincare for hand rejuvenation
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