Fat harvesting and graft lipofilling

Fat harvested from another part of the patient body is another source of filler material to restore volume to the face. A process known as lipofilling. Fat is readily available and can be obtained from the sides of the abdomen, the flanks or the thighs to use in the face. The harvesting process is a gentle form of VASER emulsification followed by gentle aspiration liposuction. The extracted fat cells then require preparation before re-injection into the desired locations. In an attempt not to damage the precious harvested fat cells and to prevent fat from being injected into vessels, a blunt cannula is used to place the cells into the tissues. The advantage of fat is that it is free to obtain compared to manufactured materials. In most cases, there is a relatively unlimited supply. Furthermore, peripheral stem cells may direct cellular differentiation leading to improved surrounding tissue quality, in other words; the quality of the overlying skin and surrounding structures improve with this process.

Fat grafting and lipofilling is an evolving technique in cosmetic medicine. Minimally invasive and reproducible as an outpatient in office day procedure. Every cosmetic conference has a significant discussion about the techniques and the science behind the results, with just about every region of the body applicable to its uses, including face, breast, hand, buttock and other contour deformities. For the early stages of facial rejuvenation, which can occur in the third decade of life and beyond, much of the volume restoration is performed with off-the-shelf filler agents in an office setting due to ease and convenience. The procedure is the Softlift

fat harvest from thighs to use in lipofilling

Which is better, fat lipofilling or fillers?

Individual patient needs dictate which best to use. Age, laxity and extent of volume deficit as well as the desired length of correction are all considered at the time of treatment. It’s a case-by-case decision to determine the best approach for each unique patient. In my practice at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic I aim is to provide the best individual results for each of my patients and a long lasting satisfactory result.

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