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The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) is a non-profit scientific organization founded in 1984 and therefore foremost in its sector. It agglutinates more than six hundred associated doctors throughout Spain. The institution has been officially recognised by the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME) and as such is the only official Spanish organisation that is integrated within organisations at both a European and international level.

Its main objective is to promote an appropriate and regulated preparation for the professionals who work in aesthetic medicine, a speciality that excludes both plastic and aesthetic surgery. In addition, the SEME has contacts with the Spanish National and Regional Governments as well as other organisations that represent professional groups to collaborate in the regularization in this speciality of medical practice, to prevent intrusion from other sectors and to oversee and ensure an adequate control and supervision of the establishments that offer these treatments.

The SEME regularly organises congresses at both a national and international level along with conferences and courses on the different aspects of aesthetic medicine, all with the objective of maintaining its members well informed and prepared for the novelties and developments within the sector. For example, the SEME has participated actively in the creation of a pioneer Masters course in Aesthetic Medicine with the University of the Balearic Islands, as well as a Master course at the University of Córdoba and a University Speciality Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetics at the Complutense University in Madrid.

During the last meeting, Dr Hazem Kahlout was invited to speak about facial volumisation and facial rejuvenation using modern devices.
Facial volumisation is the latest concept in non-surgical anti-aging where Dr Kahlout was the first one to perform the procedure in Ireland back in 2008 using HA dermal fillers as well as fat transfer.

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Wrinkle Injections: Husband’s don’t know their wives are getting it!

The powers of Botox are well-known, but some of its biggest proponents may not be. While there’s no shame in getting the injections to help treat wrinkles around the eyes, forehead or mouth, some patients may not want anyone knowing that they are seeking a cosmetic doctor’s assistance to keep up their good looks, according to The Independent.

Dr Hazem Kahlout tells the Independent about Botox injections. “Because of this, Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic clinic is discrete and there are no signs on the building – it’s shared with a general practitioner and laser aesthetics”.

The clinic make sure patients’ appointments don’t overlap so patients don’t encounter one another one coming in for injections. This is in part because we treat some high-profile clients like celebrities and VIPs.
Despite the secrecy, the number of people seeking out Botox injections and other non-invasive cosmetics like dermal fillers is on the rise. Botox’s popularity shows no sign of slowing.

So easy to keep a secret!

One reason it’s so easy to keep Botox a secret, even from loved ones, is because the injections have very few side effects, can be done in quick outpatient sessions and create a brightened, refreshed look. The secret is to have a qualified doctor injecting and following the “less is more” philosophy. “Don’t freeze faces, relax them – and above all, be safe”.
Injectables also have a minimal recovery time and are much more affordable than more invasive treatments like a facelift, making them a popular option for many.

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Grow your eyelashes: Fuller, Longer and Darker

A unique eyelash conditioner that will help you achieve the beautiful look of Longer, Thicker, and Fuller eyelashes. Like liquid eyeliner, the medicine is simply applied once a day. Within three to ten weeks, your own natural eyelashes will look Longer, Thicker, Fuller, and DARKER!

No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eye lashes are, it can help you achieve long, beautiful, healthy looking eyelashes. Many women either through over-plucking or simply bad luck, tend to have thinning eyebrows and eyelashes. Menopause plays a part in this process and women are left with next to no lashes or eyebrows or what they do have is sparse.

The Medicine is now one of the best selling cosmetic products on the market. It is suitable for anyone who has thin, sparse, eye brows or eyelashes.

• It’s safe for those who are suffering from glaucoma

• It’s safe for those who wear contact lenses

• One bottle lasts 3-5 months

• Cheaper than false eyelashes and it’s better for your eyelashes

The treatment conditions the area where the lashes come through and stimulates the follicles to promote longer, fuller and thicker lashes.

Suitable for people who have lost lashes and brows due to cancer, thyroid disease or menopause

• Quick and easy to apply – a clear liquid eyeliner which you apply at night before bedtime….results can be seen within two weeks!


Only a small amount is needed around the eye lash follicle at night to get results. The product is not administered into the eye. If you apply more IT DOES NOT ENHANCE THE EFFECT! The products can be applied to the eyebrows too!

Once results are achieved, apply two to three times a week for maintenance. Each tube should last approximately three to five months depending on the amount and areas used.

Most people are satisfied with the results. It is important to remember, however, that results vary from individual to another. There are three compounds on offer Revitalash, Latisse and Lilash.


When I was given the opportunity to have this procedure, in all honesty, I was sceptical of the results. I have been shaving my facial hair since I was 13 – I am now 56 which means for 43 years. For the past 10 years, I would have to shave twice because by 5 in the afternoon I would have what men call the 5 o’clock shadow. About 6 months ago, my grand-daughter was snuggling with me before supper and commented that I needed to shave – out of the mouths of babes! From the first treatment I saw a difference! Only someone who has had this problem will understand how incredible the results are. I do not need to shave anymore. I can look at myself in the mirror and like who is looking back. I feel younger, my face is smoother and the results have affected not just my physical appearance but my overall emotional well being as well.

I am overwhelmed with the difference. Even my grand-daughter, a month ago noticed and commented on how smooth my face was. I would recommend this procedure to everyone with this problem.

Fiona K.

(Hair Removal)