Lasers and ultrasound can make you look younger from head to toe

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Celebrity Botox!

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Celebrities Who Had Botox Injections

It’s been ten years since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration first approved Botox for use on wrinkles. Between now and April 15, 2002 a lot has happened. High-profile lawsuits, medical breakthroughs, tragedies, controversies, reality TV segments and a generation of celebrities suspended in their mid-thirties. Hollywood royalty may have been the first to jump on the wrinkle-filler trend but it was years before they actually admitted it. For years their M.O. was “Deny Deny Deny”, but as the rest of the country has caught up with the trend, stars are finally letting their guard down, if not their forehead skin.


Conference News

Spanish SEME

Individuals are turning to cosmetic surgery to look and feel younger. While some may consider cosmetic improvements to be a sign of vanity or superficiality, experts say that many Baby Boomers just want their looks to match how they feel inside, according to the 28th SEME conference, which I recently attended in Barcelona.

More than 10 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the Western Europe last year, according to the Sociedad Espaola de Medicina Estética (SEME). Those who made the move to undergo cosmetic surgery were not self-conscious, young individuals. Instead, experts say that more Baby Boomers, both men and women, are having procedures done to feel comfortable in the work place.

Minimally invasive procedures, such as wrinkle injections, are becoming common among the aging generation because of minimal recovery time and lower cost compared to surgery in tough European economic times. Using dermal fillers to reduce new lines and wrinkles are common for older adults who are hoping for a youthful appearance.

Although those considering cosmetic surgery are concerned about the price tag, SEME reminds people never to choose a doctor based solely on low-cost procedures. Taking the time to find a reputable, doctor will help shape a comprehensive treatment plan that may be less costly over time.


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We can make you look younger from head to toe…


Do you know that new technologies fight aging. The power of lasers and ultrasound are being put to good use to rejuvenate your body from top to bottom. The September 2012 issue of Elle has gathered the latest and greatest new beauty technologies.


Starting from the top, there’s new intelligence about thinning hair. There is a protein, prostaglandin D2, that is said to be three times higher in the scalps of those suffering from alopecia, the most common kind of hair loss. A study found that this protein inhibits hair growth. There are two drugs currently in FDA trial, laropiprant (for facial flushing) and setipiprant (for nasal congestion) that have been found to block this protein and may be used in the future to combat thinning hair. For now, you can sprinkle your scalp with a powder shampoo – the gritty texture lifts your hair at the roots, giving it a thicker appearance.

The Face

A Nashville dermatologist uses lasers to deepen penetration of anti-aging topicals. He preps the face with fractional iPixel RF laser, which creates microscopic holes in the epidermis; he then fills the holes with a variety of topicals, including hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Then he applies an ultrasound device, pushing the ingredients deeper into the skin. “The topical is absorbed much deeper than if just applied superficially, which provides a stronger therapeutic effect.”

The Body

LipoSonix, approved by the FDA last year, is the latest noninvasive fat zapper. The high intensity ultrasound device heats fat cells to 55 degrees Celsius, causing the cells to die and be flushed out through the liver. The results, which take two to four months to see, are impressive. Most patients lose about 2.5 centimeters, dropping a pants size. In this treatment, during a 30 to 45 minute session, the doctor maneuvers a hand piece over the patient’s abdomen and flanks

The Hands

Crepey hands and elbows. One dermatologist takes a tiny piece of skin from the back of the neck and uses it to grow the patient’s own fibroblasts. After four to eight weeks in the lab, the cells can be reinjected into the skin of the donor. This cocktail is said to plump up those areas and soften crepiness better than hyaluronic acid (found in fillers such as Restylane.)



Thank you mom …

“Stay out of the sun” she said…

Women now in their 30s and early 40s don’t need a chemical peel thanks to their mothers

A freeze on sunbathing will allow your skin to repair itself.

When they were growing up, teenage sunlovers, who are now women in their 30s and early 40s, were told by their mothers that they would look like a cross between Elephant Man and a swamp alligator if they got too much sun. Age spots, rough texture and fine lines would make them recognizable only if they wore nametags.

Hats off to nagging mothers!

I see a number of these women who I calculate to be younger than they actually are. And certainly most look better than their mothers did.

So, how did these women dodge the sun-damage bullet? Quite simply, they had the brains to listen to their mothers and change their sunbathing habits years ago, becoming slaves to sunscreen and a retinol product.

Sun is to skin as cigarettes are to lungs, so a freeze on sunbathing and sunbeds will allow your skin to repair itself. Your body naturally gravitates toward a state of health and your bodily organs have built-in repair mechanisms. Before there were people we call doctors, children got sick. The children who couldn’t repair themselves did not live to reproduce. If you follow this logic, you can see that we descend from people with cellular repair ability.

But there is a caveat. You can’t erase every bit of damage. Ultra violet (UV) rays have affected not just your skin’s layers, but your skin’s DNA, an injury that is irreversible. If you are exposed to the sun without protection, you will notice brown spots appearing on your face the next day. UV exposure brings out hidden spots.

Cosmetic doctors and dermatologists agree that religious use of sunscreen and products like containing retinol delay the damage from erupting on your skin’s surface. To accelerate your skin care repertoire, you can add laser treatments, chemical peels and renewed respect for mother’s advice.






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Dental Work

Complement botox!

While many people address changes in their appearance caused by aging by seeking out cosmetic procedures, some dentists say their profession can help patients look better as well.

Many of our patients are concerned about how their face is aging. Their upper lip appears to be thinning out as they’re getting older and their lower lip does not seem to be in the right place anymore. What is actually happening is the support and foundation that their teeth offered is now moving as they age, resulting in a sunken look and wrinkles around the mouth.

Although injections of botox and dermal fillers are sometimes used to address these issues, dental work can also improve many individuals’ facial appearance.

The procedure to help an aging smile works by providing stronger support to the mouth area to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as to make the lips appear fuller.

Because the lip is actually sitting on top of the teeth, if there isn’t a proper arch, it would affect how the lips look on the outside. If someone’s lips look too thin, it is most likely due to teeth being too far in the jaw. The dental lift is performed by using a combination of dental crowns and veneers to improve the look of the teeth and the external mouth area.



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