Men having liposuction continues to be on the rise. In the past cosmetic surgery for men was considered a cliché. Real me didn’t do it. Stop. There has been major change to men’s attitude in my years of practice. More men have come to accept and indeed embrace the benefits of cosmetic procedures. Over the last ten years liposuction with VASER has been a popular method for men to deal with love handles, man boobs and irregular physique. No wonder liposuction is the number one cosmetic procedure requested by men.

As men attitudes change, older men are competing with millennials who are rapidly becoming the majority in the workplace. Men are finding it essential to look their best, healthy and fit. In the job market, the better you look the greater your chances to succeed. Modern liposuction like VASER which is less invasive can help a man to achieve an appearance that closely matches the masculine ideal of sculpted fit physique. It is fact of nature that even a very fit man in his forties, most likely in his endurance prime (life starts at 40. Right?) Simply won’t have the muscle definition that he did when in his twenties.

Best candidates for VASER lipo are those who want to get rid of fat that is exercise and diet resistant. The best results are achieved when your skin is fairly elastic and you’re as near your ideal weight as possible.

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