Cold winter weather can have a number of effects on the skin, than can easily be reduced or prevented by proper winter skincare. Common winter skin effects include:

Dryness: Cold air has less moisture than warm air, which can lead to skin becoming dry, tight, and itchy.

Redness and irritation: Exposure to cold temperatures can cause blood vessels in the skin to constrict and then dilate quickly, leading to redness and irritation.

Flakiness and cracking: Dry skin can become flaky and crack when exposed to cold weather, especially in areas like the hands and feet.

Chapping: Exposure to cold, dry air can cause the skin to lose its natural oils, leading to chapped lips, hands, and feet.

Itchiness: Cold weather can make the skin more prone to itching, especially in areas that are already dry or irritated.

Rosacea flare-ups: People with rosacea may find that cold weather triggers flare-ups of their condition.

Winter Skincare

Change of weather often calls for change of wardrobe to winter clothes but also it calls for change of skincare routine. During the winter months our magic wand starts with considering that colder weather causes dry skin leading to broken shabby texture. Moisturising regularly with Demani Hydrate Serum help substitute the lack of moisture in the air. Remember that winter sun also causes photo-ageing, even if it’s dull and raining. Winter skincare must is a good SPF to protect from that unwanted winter sun-damage. Why not consider broadband photofacials light laser treatment to get rid of accumulated sun-damage and micro-vessels over the summer brighter weather.

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