At the end of the eighties, tumescent liposuction revolutionized our approach to fat removal. Since then, many different technologies were invented and used with liposuction to further improve our procedure safety and yield smoother, tighter results. Some of them was ultrasound based then a different type of laser then a more improved focused ultrasound that we use today, called VASER. In a move to delay skin cutting operations and to enhance outcomes more we now have the Renuvion J-plasma tightening.

Renuvion J plasma is a technology that has been used during surgery for decades. It allowed surgeons to do precision controlled surgical cuts with less heat expansion, meaning less risk of injury to surrounding tissue in the vicinity. Surgeons observed skin tightening at procedure sites.

Renuvion J-Plasma skin tightening abdomen

J-Plasma generated from an inert gas, helium has a lightning strike appearance and properties. It was used through endoscopic surgery (meaning inside our bodies) and there the idea that it could serve well in contracting or tightening the skin was noticed when used with a liposuction approach. This innovative Renuvion J-Plasma Tightening FDA approved technology is used either as a stand-alone or in addition to other skin rejuvenating procedures.

J-Plasma Helium

At my practice I use Renuvion J-plasma in combination with VASER liposuction to treat under the skin so that the skin contracts more than if we don’t use it. Popular areas are the abdomen, neck and inner thighs. For suitable candidates, results are wonderful. However, it is important to understand that if we have too much skin many times, we need to cut it out. I know we don’t like scars but for excessive skin looseness, non-surgical approaches or technology like j-plasma will not be enough.

But for those that just don’t want scars and are willing to try and do this Renuvion skin tightening treatment, it can be done on its own or when unwanted fat is present, after VASER liposuction where we take away access loose skin.

It’s very important for patients to understand that J plasma is not magical. It will not take away all the skin laxity. International peer reviewed studies tell us that if we use J plasma, most people with loose skin will have 65% more contraction than if we do not use the technology. However, we need to be realistic and cannot say or promise that all the skin will be undergo the same amount of tightening.

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