COVID-19 Testing with Rapid Antigen Test

At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic we looked for ways to initiate an internal COVID-19 screening program. We looked at different providers and partnered with PK Medica. Pk Medica Ireland corroborated with us in introducing DropTech rapid SARS-CoV-2 antigen test. The test is used to improve our staff and patient’s safety. They were helpful in ironing out issues before introducing a screening regime; how the testing process will work in practice; and how to handle test results.

Before implementing the DropTech testing programme, we worked with Pk Medica Ireland and considered following issues to be relevant to our clinic:

• Who to test: patients attending for procedures requiring more than 15 minutes contact time with a staff member. Procedures like VASER liposuction.

• Person doing the testing

• Testing visiting workers and contractors

• Test frequency

• Location of testing facility in the clinic

• How will test results be used

• Healthcare staff training in performing the DropTech test

• Set up protocols in handling health data?

• What to do if individuals decline to be tested

PK Medica were extremely helpful in helping us set up our COVID-19 Testing Policy protocol which was implemented 1/11/2020. In our clinic, before taking COVID-19 test, if will be made clear, to patrons and employees what happens with their test results; and who they will be shared with, why and when. Rapid antigen test results are communicated by our doctor who is subject to confidentiality restrictions and has had training on handling health information. If a person tests positive they are requested to immediately self-isolate and in accordance with current guidance public health authorities notified by the healthcare professional carrying out the test for PCR testing and contact tracing.

What do you think? Did you find this blog helpful? would you like to contact PK Medica for similar COVID-19 testing in your workplace? I’d love to hear your openions or tweet me @dr_h_kahlout