Some nose shapes can benefit from surgical as well as non-surgical nose reshaping. I often see candidates for non-surgical nose reshaping who are also suitable for surgical rhinoplasty, but it may not be the case in the reverse. Some nose shapes can only be corrected through knife and scalpel. Nose reshaping is popular for both men and women attending me at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin.

Nose reshaping a non surgical approach for correcting nose shape

When I started performing non-surgical nose reshaping 20 years ago nobody was doing non-surgical rhinoplasty then. It was unheard of then and most plastic surgeons frowned upon it. They didn’t want anything injected into patient noses for fear of product migration or infection. But over the last decade of experience I’ve come to realise that if choosing the right candidate and the right dermal filler, I can get really nice results in a significant number of my patients. So I choose and select suitable candidates for the non-surgical nose reshaping procedure properly. The same rhinoplasty aesthetics and goals of treatment have to apply to the non-surgical procedure.

When I assess my patients I pay special attention to the aesthetics of the nose and it impact on the patient overall look and appearance.  We can’t just put any filler in the nose! Before performing the procedure I pay attention to the tip projection, bony prominence and axis rotation as well as the overall slope ratio. I pay special attention to blood supply and invariably use a vein-scope to plot nasal vessels anatomy. I also use digital imaging on almost all patients presenting for non-surgical nose reshaping rhinoplasty.

Dermal fillers can be used to reshape the nose non-surgically, which is also known as a non-surgical nose job or liquid rhinoplasty. Dermal fillers can be used to correct minor irregularities, smooth out bumps and lumps, and improve the overall shape and symmetry of the nose.

The suitability for dermal filler nose reshaping depends on several factors, including:

Goals and expectations:

Dermal filler nose reshaping can be a good option for people who want to improve the appearance of their nose without undergoing surgery. However, it is important for patients to have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with dermal fillers.

The nature of the nasal irregularities:

Dermal fillers can be used to correct minor irregularities, but if the nasal deformity is severe or involves the nasal septum, surgical rhinoplasty may be necessary.

Medical history:

Patients with a history of autoimmune disorders, bleeding disorders, or allergies may not be good candidates for dermal filler nose reshaping.

Skin type:

Patients with thin or fragile skin may not be suitable candidates for dermal filler nose reshaping as the filler material may be more visible.

One suitable patient is who present with a small dorsal hump. If their bony prominence is surrounded by depression above and below it, then I could I place an amount of dermal filler below and above the bump. It’s important to try and not go for perfect straightness. Favourite startup dermal filler is hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal filler.

One reason I like to use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for non-surgical nose reshaping is that they are safer for my patients. For starters HA dermal fillers are dissolvable and if the patient didn’t desire the aesthetic correction results after their nose job, it can be taken away safely. HA fillers are also a clear soft gels and not permanent. Some people come asking for Silicone or Artefill as permanent fillers, but these products don’t belong in the nose. Permanent fillers give rise to permanent problems. Great new FDA approved dermal fillers bridging the gap between longevity and safety is the likes of Radiesse and Ellansé. Ellansé is ultimately degradable but lasts for up to four years.

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