3 ways to make men look fantastic

If you’re a man or you know a man who may be interested in looking more athletic, chiselled and looking fresher and younger then read on as I describe the top three ways I use dermal fillers to help men look fantastic when they attend me at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic, Dublin.

So what are fillers?

Fillers are naturally occurring substances that are injected to help reshape the face without the need for surgery. Popular hyaluronic acid dermal fillers include Restylane, Juvéderm and Belotero. Long lasting dermal fillers include Radiesse and Ellansé.


One of the key areas in treating men is the chin. Strong chins are synonymous with strength and confidence. We look to see strong chins in leaders in politics and in business. Examples can be seen in athletes and hero’s we admire. In Hollywood a strong chin can mean the difference between a supporting actor and a leading man. Fillers can be used to add one or two centimetres of projection to the chin. Guys’, adding one or two centimetre projection to your chin is like adding one or two inches to your height. Chin can make you look more athletic, can give you more of an alpha male appearance and it can make you look more chiselled.


The second great place to treat me with fillers is under the eyes. Fillers are fantastic in removing dark circles and bags and this can make us fresher and more youthful without the need for surgery. People who have dark circles and pigmentation under the eye are helped with fillers camouflage and restore fullness in the area making them look fresher and more youthful.

Masculine Male

The third treatment that’s great with fillers in men is full face masculinisation treatment. In this masculine male transformation treatment often small changes to key areas of the male face making the entire face looking more balanced, proportioned and better. In masculinisation treatment of the full face I target the undereyes, nose, cheeks and chin. The treatments are administered over a number of sessions and small changes can often make great impact.

So in summary, fillers can be used in men to non-surgically augment the chin making it more chiselled more athletic. They can be used to hide circles under the eyes making men look fresher and younger. Finally they could be used for full face masculine treatment making the face look more symmetric, more balanced and more attractive in general. I hope this blog was helpful and I look forward to welcoming you in our practice.

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