There are many ways to deal with unwanted fat. Latest technologies have come a long way in providing minimally invasive means of dealing with unwanted fat, however they to have their limitation. For many individuals liposuction remains the good trusted and definitive choice. When it comes to removal of undesired body fat; VASER liposuction has been the perfect solution at our Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin since 2008. VASER liposuction is the primary trusted procedure in delivering safe and effective fat removal as well as skin retraction at the same time.

Aside from planning of how you can achieve best results, it’s also wise to think what you can expect in the form of post-operative recovery.

Liposuction wound aftercare

Liposuction wounds are tiny and are deliberately left open to drain out. Post liposuction wounds drain from 24-72 hours after your procedure.  Most liposuction patients have to deal with dressing their wounds. Although you can do it by yourself, it’s only wise to have someone else help you with the task. Change the absorption pad dressing regularly until seepage stops. It’s advisable to remove and change one dressing at a time.

Unlike other wounds, incision points from liposuction may be a bit tender. It’s advisable to wash around the wounds once or twice a day with a very mild soap. After clean washing your wound, gently pat dry it with clean towel. Be sure that your hands are free from any dirt before cleaning your wounds. It’s also advisable for you to take 15-minute baths for at least 1 week. Don’t worry; the water will not get in!

Infected wounds are uncommon with tumescent liposuction, however considered as a concern during liposuction recovery. This is caused by wrong management and poor caring for the wounds. It’s advisable not to do any remedial methods if you’re unsure about it. Always keep the wound areas clean but refrain from using too strong cleansers such as alcohol and strong soap.

If you think your wound has an infected, you should not take any antibiotic on your own. Call the clinic and schedule a review. Although antibiotics are fine, it’s still wise to consult initially as we need to treat infections appropriately.

Compression Garment

Keeping the liposuction treated area tightly bound in a compression garment will help with the initial drainage and spare the skin from sagging. However, you should also ensure that the compression garment is not too tight. Too tight and you block the healing circulation and too loose, well that’s not good at all. You should also ensure that your garment or binder is clean.


Wounds get itchy every now and then. Instead of scratching your wounds, apply a thin layer of petroleum gel to the area surrounding the wound. This will soothe the itchy feeling, sparing the wound from being scratched.

Blood Thinners

Never take aspirin or any blood thinning medications for at least 2 weeks after the liposuction surgery. Blood thinners will just increase the bleeding and bruising. Other herbal remedies like vitamins and green tea will also thin your blood and should be avoided.


Seepage is blood stained fluid leaking from your entry wounds after liposuction. It is alarming but a welcome after effect. We expect seepage for 24-72 hours post op. A couple of days after the operation (when the seepage has stopped) you will be able to walk around and do light activities. However, you should avoid staying in direct sunlight. Whether or not the wounds have already healed, sunlight can cause problems.


Skincare corrects and also maintains optimal skin health. Post liposuction we recommend specific topical treatment creams to further enhance uneventful recovery and tighter skin results. Aftercare skin regime is important for those who already loose skin or stretch marks before undergoing liposuction. It is also relevant when large amount of fat is removed from the abdomen.

Regular application of skincare in the immediate post-op period allows for smoother transition to better results. ReFirm contains a unique combination of essential oils and repairing active peptides. Made with high quality natural plant-based ingredients. When combined with Recover Cream they have synergistic effect firming and healing treated area. Recover contains o.5% retinol and other nutrients to help balance the skin.

Manual Lymphatic Massage | MLD

We highly recommend working with a lymphatic massage therapist to help ensure the best possible outcome after surgery. This post-operative massage is valuable to maximise your results and will start on day three post-op. Its best administered twice weekly from the third day onwards.

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