Is your workout making you look older?

Frowning, smoking, gravity, and the passage of time – all of these factors can contribute to signs of ageing. However, is it possible that your workout regimen is also making you look older than your years? There may be some exercises that create less-than-appealing changes in the body.

A warning for runners

Have you heard of “runner’s face?” Some people say that joggers may find that the activity has an impact on the elasticity of their skin. However, it’s not the act of pounding the pavement that creates sagging skin, but the free-radical damage from an increased intake of oxygen that contributes to wrinkling. However, studies have shown that it takes very strenuous exercise to increase cell damage, so jogging a few times a week isn’t going to cause too much of a change in skin tautness.

Bouncing workouts and breasts

High-impact exercise, like running and jumping rope, can contribute to premature sagging by stretching out the ligaments in your breasts. Fortunately, sports bras can help reduce the impact that such activities may have on one’s breasts.

That dangerous sun

Fitness fanatics who love working out in the great outdoors put themselves at risk of sun damage, which can cause an array of skin problems, including premature wrinkling. That is why it is always important to wear sunscreen, even if you are going out for a jog in the winter. If the sun is out, it can negatively affect your skin, so make sure to slather on a lotion that has an SPF of 50 or higher when heading out for some fresh air.

Of course, hindsight is always twenty-twenty, so even if you start protecting your skin now, failing to do so in your younger years could mean that you have to deal with wrinkles on your face. Fortunately, anti-wrinkle injections and good skincare can help treat these premature signs of ageing to help your exterior match the youthfulness you feel on the inside.

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