Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction is a very common cosmetic surgery with few risks. The procedure is typically used to help men with gynecomastia/gynaecomastia. Gynaecomastia features excess breast tissue, while pseudo-gynaecomastia is a mixture of both fatty and breast tissue. More and more men are visiting Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic to undergo breast reduction and create a more athletic and enhanced physique. This man boobs removal procedure has helped many men throughout Ireland and the UK feel better about their appearance. The clinic identified the need for men to address this man boobs problem and helped improved the lives of gynaecomastia patients in Irish nationwide.

You’re in good hands

If you suffer from excess male breast tissue are not alone. Up to 30% of men have the condition. Men from across the island of Ireland have gained lifestyle and confidence from our gynaecomastia treatment at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin. To see how other patients have succeeded in reducing the dreaded man boobs with this permanent reduction procedure, please visit our gallery at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic male breast reduction page with sample before and after pictures.

Your step by step guide

First step is to identify the extent of your enlarged chest area. The problem is called gynaecomastia or man boobs. Gynaecomastia can be seen in men of any age. However, 40% of cases start in adolescence. Medical literature reports suggest as many as 65 percent of adolescent boys have enlarged breasts. In the vast majority of these teenage boys, the condition simply goes away on its own by the time they’re 18. The remaining 30 percent will continue to suffer this lifelong anomaly. On the other hand we see men who develop enlarged breasts at an older age, which can cause poor self image. I see men resorting to wearing baggy clothes, dark rooms and shying away from swimming. If you are a man who identifies with these concerns or struggles with unusually large breasts, then male breast reduction at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin could be a good choice for you.

Step two is to seek advice and professional opinion. You need to book a consultation with me at the clinic by either calling the clinic (01-8278766) or emailing me in confidence I have been helping men with gynaecomastia since 1999. I’m a qualified member of BABS (British Association of Body Sculpting) and BCAM. During your initial consultation I assess the extent of the condition and its impact on your life. I will then guide you through the various options of treatment available. These include surgical resection, power assisted liposuction or VASER lipo. Every patient is different and while one option could be ideal for one man, it could be the wrong choice for another!

Third step is to get the procedure done. Male breast reduction is an outpatient procedure done pain free under numbing anaesthesia. It typically takes a couple of hours to perform. At your initial gynaecomastia consultation in Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin, I would have examine how much fat, glandular tissue and if excess skin is a concern.

The most modern and effective procedure for managing man boobs either gynaecomastia or pseud-ogynaecomastia is VASER Lipo. The procedure painlessly breaks down the targeted tissue when a VASER probe is inserted under the skin through tiny 3mm incision. The man boobs tissue is then simply suctioned out leaving an even flat contour.

How about the recovery?

Recovery after the procedure will involve some bruising and mild tenderness. These subside over the next few days. Swelling will happen. I’ll instruct you to wear a snug fitting compression garment around the chest for the first three to four weeks. Compression garments help reduce swelling and accelerate healing. Most of our male breast reduction patients return to work within three days after surgery. No sutures are used as the small 2-3mm skin openings heal quickly. I will review you a few days later and if all is well you should return to physical activities a week later. In certain cases I would recommend manual lymphatic drainage massage to help accelerate the recovery process. Although visible reduction will be noted a week later, total recovery from all the swelling can take a few months.

Final results?

The results of your male breast reduction with VASER are permanent, although you are subject to changes in appearance if your weight fluctuates. Scarring is minimal and will fade with time. Once those man boobs are gone, they are usually gone for good.

In my opinion, the best treatment to eliminate gynaecomastia is VASER lipo. At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin we understands how important it is for male patients to feel good about their bodies. Your interactions with us are confidential, private and discreetly carried out. We are pleased to offer our male chest reduction expertise to patients throughout our extended community, which includes Dublin, Irish nationwide counties, Northern Ireland and the UK. Please feel free to set up an appointment with me to explore your options for male breast reduction by calling the clinic (01-8278766) or email me directly

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