One more milestone

For the first time in Ireland we are introducing a new concept of dermal filler using a homogeneous form of the patient’s own fat, called nano fat fill. Nano fat lipofilling is a totally new fat transfer concept. I would like to thank IBAM for introducing this innovative treatment concept to me.

Nano fat fill has a lot of stem cells that have stimulating growth factors in them. It is well proven that stem cells taken from harvested fat are more superior in quality than those taken from other entities like PRP. During nano fat fill we collect and then purify the fat to concentrate and then extract stem cells. Only then we utilise the liquid consistency and stem cell rich purified fat collection for injection.

Nano fat transfer is basically like a filler. Just like lipofilling, I harvest the fat from the patient, from donor areas like the tummy or thigh and I process it to make it liquid in form.or introducing this innovative treatment concept to me. I’ve been performing it for the last few months (2015) with brilliant results.

This nano fat is used to improve skin quality and it is especially useful for under eye dark circles and facial loss of volume. In undereye circles the problems are the poor quality of the undereye skin as well as hollowness and the presence of pigmentation. The nano fat fill is used to produce a natural volume restoration effect by filling the unwanted hollowness as well as tightening and improving the skin tone quality. Nano fat fill’s party piece is to significantly improve tone and dark circles pigmentation.

The nano fat fill system modifies the size of the fat particles to a per-dialled in desired diameter. Coarse for volumising effect and fine for stem cell repair strategies. The desired thickness nano fat fill then is injected under the eyes in a layered fashion. Very fine particles are used for their stem cell rich properties to improve on tone and pigmentation. Fine particles are injected to thin skin to improve thickness of crêpe skin texture. Larger particles are used to volumise hollow or gaunt facial regions like cheeks, facial folds and lips. For areas other than the face Nano fat transfer fill is used in the decolletage and the hands.

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