Stubborn Saddle Bags Liposuction

We are all born with genetically predetermined body shape. When your body shape is awkward, no matter how much you diet or exercise you can still have stubborn pockets of fat. Outer thighs saddle bags are a classic example of stubborn fat area. They won’t go away with diet and exercise. In this scenario surgical intervention with VASER lipo might be the answer for you?

Sometimes you don’t have to be fat to have fat!

Pear shaped Liposuction with vaser areas

In some people and often times is women, they have a pear shaped body. They are petite up top and slender in their waist but their bottom and outer thighs just expand into bulky saddle bags. It’s unfortunate for these women who tell me they lose a few pounds and it comes out of their face, breasts or arms but not their problem areas, the outer thighs saddle bags. For these women VASER lipo is wonderful. I can really contour their thighs and buttocks and get them in balance again.

I have been doing liposuction since the late nineties and liposuction has come a long way. VASER lipo uses smaller instruments, done under local numbing and focuses on certain areas while being minimally-invasive. VASER lipo promises shorter recovery down time and better results.

Many patients come to me saying they hate their saddle bags. They say saddle bags add to their pear shaped appearance and although they exercise regularly, these annoying saddle bags don’t seem to go away. They would have tried everything they could have thought of to tackle their problem areas without any luck.  Ideal candidate is a fit person who is conscious of their diet and has trouble saddlebag area that they cannot eliminate with regular diet and exercise. VASER lipo is not a weight loss treatment. In the VASER lipo procedure we are really sculpting the body and changing the contours.

vaser acoustic ultrasound

VASER lipo is done under local anaesthesia. During the procedure which is performed in our surgical room at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic, Dublin, I inject tumescent fluid in. The fluid numbs the area and shrinks local blood vessels. The fluid also hydrates the area and minimises bruising and swelling. The patient is awake during the whole procedure and they walk in and they walk out in a couple of hours later. Because they are awake we can ask them to turn and move into different positions during the surgery minimising lifting and handling.

What’s nice about VASER lipo is that it uses ultrasound vibrations to break down the fat. By doing so it protects from damaging blood vessels, connective tissues and lymphatic channels so it produces more tissue tightening afterwards. Vibration is also associated with heat generation. This heat is directed to the under surface of the skin promoting impressive post-operative tissue contraction.

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