Under Eyes Dark Circles

Many of my patients complain about undereye darkness and puffiness under eyes looking like eye-bags. They would have tried every concealer on the market, from cheap brands to expensive French products sold in exclusive department stores. Mary (not her real name…would I ever .. :)… started wearing glasses all the time (though she doesn’t need them) because the frames covered her under-eye shadows. Although she swore she would never get a face lift or other cosmetic procedures, she made an appointment with me at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic, Dublin.

Mary had little fat or collagen below her eyes, so the purple coloured facial muscles were visible under the skin. Her skin collagen is thin. Genes are not the only cause of her presentation. Tiredness, alcohol, smoking, quick weight loss, lack of sleep and dehydration are also factors. We call these causes environmental factors for under eye darkness. But the biggest culprit is ageing, leading to thinning and sagging.

Under Eyes Darkness Options

Tear trough under eyes dark circles treatment options

Mary was a perfect candidate for Restylane or Juvederm liquid facelift, also know as Softlift, which for around €1,000, would minimise the circles for as long as a year. Without fear and hesitation, Mary assented. The under eye area is ultra-sensitive to pain and Mary reported on her experience saying “Those tiny pricks of the dermal filler did not hurt at all, thanks to numbing and the soft cannula used.” Further, she saw immediate difference after the procedure. Youthful looks restored. She was sent home with ice packs and the soothing cream made with horse chestnut extract.

She phoned me a week later thanking me. She said her husband took a long look at her and said “do you know what you remind me of?…. you, when I met you!”. Glory.

Tear trough and under eye treatment planning

The pain threshold for these injections varies greatly from one woman to the next, from an annoying initial pinch to a deeply sensation. But the biggest pain can be poor planning. You see results with most fillers immediately, but muscle relaxers may not take effect for about two weeks. So, if you’re getting under eye treatment for an event, be sure to schedule your injection at least two weeks ahead of time. Further advice is that a “so-called” lunchtime procedure may not be wise. You will be in and out of the clinic in an hour; however, you may depart with red bumps and black and some bruising marks at the injection site, unlikely but certainly possible.

Strong advice

The strongest and most adamant advice is: you must go to a registered doctor. There’s a lot that can go wrong in the hands of an inexperienced injector. If not injected deep enough in the skin under the eyes, fillers can cause lumps, which may require enzyme injections to shrink. Likewise, there are important sensitive nerves and vessels in the deep layer we don’t want to injure or damage.

Brighter and Healthier Undereyes

Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane, Emervel, Teosyal and  Juvéderm are only one way to deal with dark under-eye circles. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are other treatments that can provide improvement like Dracula therapy, a platelet rich plasma injections called PRP. Fat lipofilling under the eyes is gaining great popularity for people requiring larger amounts and considering long lasting results.

Other Undereye Remedies

regardless of what treatment option one chooses, a good skincare or is very important in maintaining ling term health on the undereye area. I recommend Refine Intensive Eye Serum from Demani Skincare. If you want to address your own under-eye circles, be sure to make sure you book an appointment with me at the clinic and I will assess you physically and with the aid of our skin analysis machine.

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