Lip Lines: A Dead Giveaway

At Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin we love fixing lip lines. Lip lines are one of the most common complaints we hear our mature patients complain about. Mature patients want their smoker lines corrected but yet they worry about having large lips or looking like they have their lips enlarged!

These vertical lip lines are commonly referred to as “smoker lines” or “lipstick bleed lines”. The annoying lip line wrinkles are caused by a variety of factors, including age, UV light exposure, and genetic predisposition, repetitive lip movement lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking from a straw.

Vertical lip lines, or wrinkles around the lips are not always caused by smoking, despite its common reference as smokers lines. Actually we commonly see them in non-smokers. Lip lines are generally caused by repetitive piercing lip movements, and in some individuals are hard not to get.  Unfortunately these lip lines are most visible when a woman puts lipstick on which then bleeds into these lines, which makes these wrinkles more noticeable, hence their other common name lipstick lines.   

Once these vertical lip lines develop, treatment usually requires a delicate approach so the area still looks natural, but without the lines.

lip smokers lines

Soft hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like Belotero Soft, Juvederm Volbella and Restylane Fyness are the newest product to treat these irritating wrinkles. These specialist market leading dermal filler ranges have one thing in common, they are softer, thinner, and more homogeneous fillers than those used in other areas of the face. Some contain the numbing agent anaesthetic lidocaine for improved comfort during and after your procedure.

Lip line fillers are made up of fine particle hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar substance found in the body. Our natural supply of hyaluronic lessens with age, and fine lines and loss of collagen structure occurs as a result. Because of their unique small particle size, these specialist lip line fillers can replenish hydration in the area where they’re injected while the naturally plumping substance minimizes fine vertical smoker’s lines.

Other treatment alternatives for lip lines include active Retinol Serum: toxin injections, chemical peels and CO2 laser resurfacing

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