Full luscious lips…

People say the eyes are windows to the soul, but if you want to figure out how someone’s feeling without gazing lovingly into their eyes, there’s a different body part that gives you a quick answer – the mouth. A smile, a frown, pursed lips or an open O-shape are expressions that give away one’s emotions. Unfortunately, certain factors can affect the appearance of our mouth. Some people naturally have thin or tight lips, and ageing adds wrinkles around the mouth. The trend now is to have full luscious lips.

That’s why many people opt for lip augmentation, not just to correct issues with the lips, but to enhance one’s natural appearance. A recent Science Daily release discussed the trend of lip augmentation, and offered a few tips for those interested in the procedure. Trend setters like Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie have ffull luscious lips have influenced modern lip definition. But how much is too much?

Typical signs of ageing that prompt a lip augmentation involve a drooping around the mouth, and lip lines that go beyond the red part of the lips. But younger people are seeking full luscious lips and well defined lips too. Fuller lips that is. Its not just a corrective treatment for the forty something but more and more young people want to enhance their central facial feature, their lips. They want them scrumptious and luscious.

Too much can be unnatural

Usually when doctors talk about lip augmentation, they are referring to a procedure involving the injection of hyaluronic acid to enlarge and plump for full luscious lips. These dermal fillers fill in depressed areas in the lips and may stimulate collagen production, which naturally stimulate lip colour and plump them further. Thinning of the lips is caused naturally by the ageing process, but can be accelerated by years of smoking or excessive exposure to the sun without protection.

Many experienced cosmetic doctors tend to opt for smaller amount of injected dermal filler the first time around, and then add more in at a second treatment. This allows the lips to relax more and accommodate a more natural fuller lip profile. Treatments are usually a month apart. This is because too much of an injection could lead to an unnatural lumpy and disfigured look, something most cosmetic surgery patients want to avoid.

Its how we do it

Patients can speak to me at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin for help in achieving this trendy look. At the clinic I see myself as your guide in deciding if you’re a good candidate for the multistage volume enhancing lip procedure. According to Science Daily, those who have a large space between the base of their nose and the beginning of their lips may not be the best candidates, as a procedure can create an unflattering “duck peak” look. Lip specific dermal fillers like Restylane Silk, Juvéderm Volbella and Perfectha are best used for the modern lip enhancement. There are other options for treating thin lips such as fat lipofilling injections. Talk to us when you book your treatment consult for pros and cons of such treatment.

Temporary full luscious lips Procedure

Patients can expect their new look to last six to eight months or longer. According to the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, lip augmentations offer minimal to no recovery time, meaning most patients can return to their normal activities immediately following the injection, or a day later if sedated. However some temporary swelling is expected and bruising is always a possibility. Patients who are curious about cosmetic lip enhancement but are afraid of permanent commitments may want to consider dermal filler lip augmentation with Restylane, Juvederm or Perfectha, since these products are temporary.

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