I have been using various technologies for fat removal from the human body, liposuction compared. In my practice I have VASER, Tickle, Body-Jet as well as traditional liposuction. Having experience with all of them, I feel there is much more trauma inflicted on the tissue with Traditional vs Tickle vs VASER and Body-Jet. If you follow that logic, the more trauma the more inflammation you will have. In the healing process your body will release more chemicals that triggers you to the pain. By far, VASER patients tell me their recovery was like muscle ache after an intense workout at the gym; they are quite sore. Over 14 years and hundreds of VASER lipo cases later, I have only got feedback from a handful of patients describing their post-operative experience as painful.

Advantage Results

Some will argue it’s not the machine but the surgeon that makes the difference between what outcome you can expect. The only place some machines have any advantage is in very dense tissue like on the back, bra rolls, upper abdomen and in gynecomastia. Even standard Liposuction, when done properly, has a very rapid recovery, frequently less than 24 hours. Many clinics have only one machine at their disposal. However, I’m privileged to have VASER, Tickle and Body-Jet Lipo technologies to add to traditional liposuction at my practice. Credentials, training, and experience matters so much in selecting the right technology for a certain patient.

vaser acoustic ultrasound


Tickle lipo

Manufactured by Euromi of Belgium and uses a technology originally called Custom Acoustic Liposuction (CAL) or Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction (NIL) and was originally marketed in some countries as Vibroliposuction or Vibro Lipo™. Tickle Lipo has FDA approval for fat removal. It relies on the motion of the cannula which is powered by air pressure and moves in three dimensions in a whirling movement, vibrating and rotating (known as ‘nutational’ movement).


Made in the USA by Solta Medical. VASER also has FDA approval, but for both fat removal and body sculpting. It relies on focused ultrasound to disrupt connective tissue holding the fat as well as generating collateral heat in the process. The ultrasound is focused through ring-tipped titanium probes. Fat is emulsified while surrounding tissue is heated for better skin contraction. When fat emulsification is completed, its gently suctioned out with finesse cannula.


Liposuction uses water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) to gently detach fat from the tissue structure by means of a flat, fan-shaped water-jet. It has FDA approval for fat removal and fat transfer. The same cannula throws out a jet spray of normal saline water from its leading tip, while at the same time suctioning the disrupted fat through holes located an inch or so behind it.

Traditional liposuction

Traditional liposuction compared to the above technologies tends to require a large amount of physical effort on the part of the surgeon during the performance of the procedure. The liposuction cannula is attached to negative pressure. It is moved forwards and backwards repeatedly dislodging fat while aspirating at the same time. In general, the Surgeons who perform several liposuction procedures each day may prefer Tickle or Body-Jet Lipo which help with operators’ fatigue and keep the conveyor belt turning! while those who are meticulous about body contouring, generally do a maximum of one or two cases a day and prefer VASER.

Bottom Line

Throughout my experience using these technologies, selecting a device for specific patient depends on what I’m trying to achieve. When traditional liposuction compared to these devices certain advantages are relevant. Large area debulking is suitable with Tickle Lipo. For body contouring and when loose skin is present, I’d would use VASER for its skin contraction ability. For high- and mid-definition body sculpting VASER is far more superior. For harvesting body fat to transfer (lipofilling) Body-Jet is had the advantage in providing a better viable transfer.

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