Jawline Sculpting with injections

Gone are the days where we only perform facial plastic surgery in order to produce aesthetically pleasing appearance and jawline sculpting. This informative blog discusses reduction of the masseter muscle with the neuromodulators used for wrinkle correction. Jawline sculpting is an advanced aesthetic injection treatment called the V-Line Procedure. It’s called the v-line procedure because the goal of the procedure in terms of the aesthetic effect is to create a more tapering sculpted effect to the jaw line. The way the v-line procedure works is that it relies on the muscle relaxing injection to reduce the size of the masseter muscle. You may have heard of the famous anti-wrinkle injection being used in eye area to reduce wrinkles like frown lines and crows feet. The same medicine can be used in the jaw area to help to slim the jawline. The candidate for this procedure is someone who has hypertrophy (enlargement) of the masseter muscle causing fullness in the jawline. The masseter is a muscle we use while chewing things. Its located on the side of the jawline and sometimes it enlarges making the face look more square. The ideal patient is someone who has prominent jaw muscles making the jawline to appear less square and more oval and v-line tapered..

Muscle relaxing injection medicine is a neuromodulator neurotoxin. But that’s a fancy way of saying its something that creates a relaxation of the treated muscle under lines and wrinkles causing them to reduce or even disappear. So in the case of wrinkle injection for masseter muscle reduction the target muscle is the masseter muscle. So what’s the masseter muscle? The masseter muscle is a retainer shaped muscle that sits on the side of the jaw both sides. From a functional point of view the masseter muscle is one of four muscles involved in chewing. From an aesthetic point, the masseter muscle gives volume and fullness to the sides and angles of the mandible at the sides of the jaw. If I relax the masseter muscles the volume of that muscle decreases.

Masseter Muscle Reduction

v shaped jawline sculpting and contouring using muscle relaxing injection for wrinkles

Just like any other muscle in your body, when it’s relaxed its unable to “work-out” and develop. In cases of enlarged masseter muscle it will atrophy (shrink down in size) after being injected with muscle relaxing injections. The muscle is put to rest and therefore reduce in size. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to notice and the results of the muscle relaxing injection for jawline sculpting . For the next 4 months after muscle relaxing injection to the masseter muscles the neuromodulator toxin will work to slim down the jawline and create a more tapered appearance. The long term results are semi-permanent as it takes a long time for those atrophied muscles to gain bulk once more.

Because the masseter muscle is one of four muscles involved in mastication (chewing), the overall strength of chewing and bite will be reduced. But that reduction in strength is not enough to stop you from eating or chewing. You’re not going to notice a big difference in every day to day chewing or eating. But if you eat a big meal (like a 24 ounce steak) then towards the end of it you will notice fatigue setting in sooner.

Other side effects include pin point bruising at the site of injection in 1 in  100 patients and temporary soreness for a couple of hours up to a few days after the treatment in the muscle. It’s important to seek a doctor experienced in treating masseter muscle reduction as misadministration can result in asymmetry of your face as well as changes to your facial expression, your smile or even your speech.

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