Submental fat is a layer of fat that accumulates beneath the chin and in the neck area. It is also commonly referred to as a double chin. Submental fat can be caused by several factors, including genetics, weight gain, and aging. It can be a cosmetic concern for some people, as it can create the appearance of a less defined jawline and neck area.

Submental fat pockets

There is no specific number of fat pockets in the submental region, as the amount and distribution of fat can vary from person to person. Some people may have a single large submental fat pocket, while others may have double or multiple smaller ones. Additionally, the depth and location of these fat pockets can also vary.

Superficial fat pocket

This is the most common presentation. Superficial fat pocket refers to the accumulation of fat beneath the chin and in the neck area that is located closer to the skin’s surface. This pocket of fat is superficial to the platysma muscle and just underneath the skin. This type of fat pocket may be more accessible and may respond well to non-surgical options such as injectable treatments.

Injectable treatments such as Kybella or Belkyra may be effective in reducing superficial submental fat pockets. Kybella is an injectable treatment that contains a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which helps break down and absorb fat cells. Traditional liposuction is successful in removing fat cells beneath the skin in this area.

Deep fat pocket

In a significant number of patients, we see fat accumulate in a deeper plane. Deep pockets refer to the accumulation of fat beneath the chin and in the neck area that is located deeper in the tissue. Between the platysma muscle and the base of the tongue. This type of fat pocket may be more challenging to treat with non-surgical options such as injectable treatments, as the fat is located deeper and may require more precision treatment. Traditional liposuction may not be the ideal approach as repeated toing and froing of the suction cannula may traumatise the platysma muscle causing delayed healing.

VASER for submental fat pockets

VASER liposuction or with or without Renuvion J-plasma skin tightening may be more effective in treating deep submental fat pockets. VASER liposuction involves treating the area with focused ultrasound. The VASER ultrasound liquify the fat content before removing it using a minimally invasive finesse suction cannula. This is performed through a single small incision, while a j-plasma Renuvion can tighten the skin in the neck area.

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