How to deal with turkey neck

We know that our hands and our face can show signs of ageing but sometimes we forget to look at our neck. Turkey neck is a of concern to many patients and this blog will help you if you’re looking for a no-scalpel solution for that sagging skin around the neck. In this blog I’ll be discussing non-invasive skin tightening treatments. There are more invasive ways to deal with loose skin around the neck like neck lift surgery, VASER liposuction, and fat melting lipodissolve which are fat dissolving injections.

Turkey neck causes

The dreaded “turkey neck” look is extremely common among older people, and it isn’t always easy to prevent. Even if you do take good care of your neck, you can’t always keep the skin from becoming thinner, eventually leading to a soft, saggy, crepe-like appearance.

The waddle or your turkey neck has to do with genetics, how fast does fat deposits in your neck and how your skin sag over time.


There are alternative methods available at Castleknock Cosmetic Clinic Dublin to deal with excessive laxity and fat deposits around the neck.

There is something for everyone depending on your existing skin laxity, your desired tightness level and also how invasive you want to go. The radiofrequency skin tightening is a multipolar radiofrequency (MPRF) energy and not invasive. It utilises the power of electromagnetic energy. During the treatment a wand is passed repeatedly over the neck area causing thermal remodeling.

You can get a course of six treatments, one a week that will actually melt the fat in the skin and tighten the loose neck. As well as dissolving the fat away the skin tightening treatment increases production of new collagen and stimulates local vascularity for improved circulation. Being non-invasive it’s suitable for people on the go who want to come to the clinic in Castleknock for 30 minutes and relax, get the painless treatment and go back to their daily routine. 

With a surgical treatment you’re going to get a very definitive, dramatic and long lasting results, but at a high cost with long downtime and not to mention scars. With the VASER skin retraction, you get good skin tightening. Not too subtle but long lasting results without extended downtime.

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