Sculptra is becoming increasingly popular as a non-surgical option for buttocks enhancement. When using Sculptra, butt lift results can last between two and three years, although some have reported that Sculptra can continue to enhance collagen production for as long as five years, or even longer.

Is Sculptra a filler?

Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, which provide immediate results by immediate lifting the skin, Sculptra butt lift effect is gradual and works by stimulating collagen production in the injected area over the course of several months. Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid injectable filler that has typically been used in the face to smooth out deep creases and wrinkles.

An immediate increase in size can be noticed after the Sculptra injections have been performed, but that’s only because they also contain a biological saline-based solution. The skin returns to its normal state a few days later. It’s only then that the medicine starts to work, as the Sculptra microspheres are absorbed into the treated area and the body is coaxed into reproducing lost collagen.

Suitability for Sculptra butt lift?

Although I have been using Sculptra for facial augmentation since 2003, Sculptra buttocks augmentation are more and more popular part of my treatment repertoire over the last three years.

Enhanced buttocks are viewed as a modern beauty ideal. A decade ago, people wanted to be thin, with the smallest bum projection. Nowadays curvaceous buttocks are viewed as a more appealing body shape.

Sculptra butt lift can enhance the appearance of patients looking for a modest increase in buttock volume and a defined profile. For those who want to greater changes, the Brazilian Butt Lift is still the ideal procedure. During the BBL excess fat is removed from areas like the stomach or thighs by VASER liposuction and lipofilled into the buttocks. However, petite athletic people may not have enough fat to harvest and inject in the first place. That’s why they are considered ideal candidate for the Sculptra butt enhancement.

Flat Bum

Women can develop certain changes to their bodies, some are age-related, and others are mechanical or hormonal. The perky contour of the buttocks may loses its firmness and becomes flat. Changes that cause this flattening of the buttocks include weigh loss, pregnancy and hormonal changes which cause loosening of the ligaments that support and hold up the buttocks in younger people. This leads to a flat bum which loses its curvy shape. The problem can be remedied by injecting Sculptra into the fatty layer over the gluteal muscles.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure begins with me getting a clear understanding of your expectations and what type of change you wants. I’ll assess wither your needs can be met with Sculptra injections or you’re better off getting a BBL, I’ll also assess the approximate total amount needed in your case. Sculptra is more of a planned sculpting skill. Some patients want round butt, another person may want a C-shaped bum while others desire a more side contoured buttocks, or a combination of both.

After marking the areas that need enhancement, through an interactive process to targeting safe anatomical vectors of lift and placed avoiding important nerves and vessels. The patient then lies face down on the treatment couch and the injections are administered pain free using a long cannula under strict sterile environment.

Is there any downtime?

After the injections there may be some aching sensation for a couple days, like a hard workout. To encourage the Sculptra to spread evenly, I recommend that patients massage their bottoms for five minutes, five times a day for five days. Patients can return to their regular activities right away.

How long does a Sculptra butt lift last?

In my practice I agree with experts around the world that results last between two and three years, although some have reported that Sculptra can continue to enhance collagen production for as long as five years, or even longer. However, I recommend that touch-up session is required after two years to maintain the effects of your treatment.

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